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Posted on May 4, 2016 by Categories: News

One of my clients was diagnosed with myeloma, a particularly aggressive form of  cancer that originates in the bone marrow. He was given less than a year to live. Even more devastating was that he knew exactly what to expect from his treatment. Two years previously, he had been through rounds of chemotherapy to rid his body of the said cancer. He knew how horrendous he had felt during that time: in unbearable pain, nauseous, his body becoming ever more weakened and wasted by the drugs, his mind foggy and his will leaving him. On being given this new diagnosis, he knew that he didn’t want to, nor could, go though the same ordeal. After much soul searching, he decided to eschew the chemotherapy and consider alternative methods to deal with his illness. His diet changed radically, he exercised as much as his illness allowed, he meditated and began to use breathing exercises religiously. He read voraciously every book, blog and scientific article he could find on myeloma, holistic therapies and alternative ‘cures’. He trained himself to learn complex biochemical, cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the cancer, so that he could read cutting edge research in research journals.


It was at this stage that he called me. He had carried extensive research on how to give his physical body the very best of chances to overcome the disease, now he wanted to make sure his mind was equally prepared. Notice that I have purposely avoided phrases that suggest a fight or battle against the cancer. It’s actually quite a challenge to do! This is what my client taught me: the cancer is part of you, it’s not something to beat into submission, to go to war against, because those very words elicit in us stirring war cries of anger, frustration and even covert fear. All very negative emotions. What he wanted was to co-exist with his cancer, to maintain a healthy balance and live in positivity, joy and peace.


I coached him through several months of Time Line Therapy™, hypnotherapy and NLP interventions. During this time, we uncovered and removed repressed emotions and memories that were clinging like sinuous fingers in his mind. When he was free of the residual anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, we eliminated any and all of his limiting beliefs about himself: “I’m not good/strong/educated enough to pull through this,” and “I don’t think I can tell my family how bad the cancer is.” He designed a well-formed goal and we inserted it into his future, a technique to compel the unconscious mind to deliver the desired outcome (with startling success). I taught him self-hypnosis to improve his immune system and how to communicate with the unconscious mind using bio-feedback – being able to ask the unconscious to direct time and energy to healing is a powerful and surprisingly easy way to take control of your physical state.


And so to the future, my client’s blood tests have shown significant decline in the molecules used as markers for myeloma: the cancer is in remission. He has lived far beyond the expectations of his consultants, 3 years and counting since given his life expectancy of less than a year.


Whilst NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis cannot in any way proclaim to cure physical illness, they are able to help to alleviate symptoms and install the mindset required for the body to heal. Stress and worry only serve to limit the immune system, by removing these aggressors, the body is more able to heal itself.


If you would like to know more about physical ailments and how symptoms may be alleviated, please get in touch!


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