Free Course: Your Words Have Power

You’ve been told words have power. Let me prove it to you!


Yes, we’ve all heard and seen memes on social media about words having power. We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword and our choice of words can help or hinder. But is it all just semantics? I want to show you that it isn’t.

I want to show you just how much power your words have. I want to help you to see that something quite magical happens when we know how to use words differently. That using certain phrases are indeed a magical means of getting what you want, feeling happier and more in control. Wouldn’t that be something?

This is a 3-part journey. Do the tasks, rinse and repeat. Take 3 days, a week, take two weeks or 3 to notice what differences you see, hear and feel. The quicker you implement these small tweaks, the faster the rate of change.

I think you’re going to be surprised and delighted. Are you ready for your journey?

Task 1 can be found here