Associate of Equestrian NLP

This is a specialist equestrian training for developing a robust and winning mindset. It’s for those of you who

  • want to use modern mind techniques for yourself
  • are busy equestrians who prefer to complete an e-learning, rather than a face to face training
  • want can learn at your own pace and have all the videos available
  • want to gain a very sound knowledge in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), the method of choice for quick and lasting mindset changes.
  • may want to go onto gaining a qualification as a certified Practitioner (by completing a simple set of conversion tasks) and be able to help others too.
  • want to learn advanced mind techniques to take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before. In your equestrianism and every other area of your life.

Equestrians don’t just ride horses! However, each unhelpful habit, negative emotion, unhappy past event is stored in your unconscious mind, taking up space, like having filing cabinets stuffed full of old, dusty files. Having these old files clogging up your mind takes up more than space, it requires energy to keep them stored. So when you know how to rid yourself of all this baggage, you move forward with energy and empowerment to take on whatever you want to do next. And this filters through to each and every aspect of your life, including your riding success.

 Everyone finds the results astounding, and as a trainer, I love those light-bulb moments when students realise that what they want to do is within easy reach. So, what can you expect from completion of the course? A knowledge of:

  • How to control your unconscious mind, so that it doesn’t control you!
  • How to use a selection of techniques and concepts to remove doubts and gain unshakeable confidence
  • How to coach yourself and others to a resourceful mental state
  • Improved resilience and increased feeling of self-worth, self-belief and confidence
  • How to read verbal and non-verbal cues, including body language
  • How to establish natural rapport with others
  • How to think differently about ‘difficult’ people and ‘difficult’ situations
  • How to become flexible in your thoughts and actions
  • How to help yourself as a rider to improve your confidence and enhance performance in lessons, trainings and competitions
  • How to remove negative self-talk, doubts and what ifs
  • How to improve your performance and motivation
  • How to start a new career or part-time career by converting your Associate certification into Equestrian NLP Coach Practitioner, working with riders to improve their performance
  • How to use your NLP in business, therapy, education, coaching, sport
  • How to make conscious use of language to reach your goals and communicate effectively
  • How to ‘sell’ a service, product or idea
  • How to look upon the future as bright, with the mental resources to know it to be true and how to bring that future into reality!

The qualification of Associate of Equestrian NLP covers the same syllabus as those attending the NLP Practitioner face-to-face training (without the practice of the techniques). The videos give you the background and the theory, whilst working with you through the manual. The manual contains all the major concepts and all the scripts you need (so no need to write copious notes from the videos). There are also clear, step-by-step scripts and practical demonstrations pointing out how each technique works, so you can perform it for yourself.

The course has a pre-study element and then the training in more depth. The pre-study allows you a first run through the ideas and concepts, to give you a sense of familiarity. The training then starts to embed the information into your mind at the unconscious level, so that you feel confident in your knowledge. You also receive a learning quiz to complete and send back to me; you have my full support in completing the quiz, again, it’s there to install the ideas so that NLP becomes very automatic and easy to you. You can access the online course  here or you can have the files emailed to you by purchasing below. Either way, you will still receive a hard copy of the manual.

Many of you completing this course will convert your qualification to Equestrian NLP Practitioner. This is done by giving evidence of having practised the techniques on someone else, using their real issues. The evidence could be done via Zoom with me as your ‘client’ or in person or even by sending me videos so that I can watch and give feedback. The videos can be done on your phone, as long as I can see you and your ‘client’ and hear the conversation. The cost to upgrade your certification is £300 and this would include the cost of awarding you an ABNLP * accredited, professional and internationally-recognised certification, as well as my time in reviewing and feeding back on your progress. I should mention that perfection in being able to do a technique is not required. I want to see that you follow (read out) the script and are able to carry out the technique with a shift in the client’s mindset. It’s not an onerous task!

The investment for this course is £857 – simply click on the blue button below for all files to be emailed to you or to access the online course go to this link. Whichever way you prefer to receive the materials, I will post your manual and memory stick of videos out to you too.

You can  pay in two instalments if you prefer, a £500 deposit is needed to send you your pre-study videos and the manual. You can pay the remainder at a later date (please email for more details on this).

Associate of Equestrian NLP