Confident to the Core – Course Overview

A fully-supported online training with Dr Tracey Cole via 5 recorded mp4 webinars to teach you techniques that will kickstart and maintain your riding confidence. Step-by-easy-step instructions, as you are guided through each technique, as if you were a 1:1 client. You also receive a set of cheat sheets and information sheets, so that you can follow the webinar easily and effortlessly. The course has been designed to add layer upon layer of techniques that will re-train your brain in a fun and simple multi-pronged attack on all your fears, no matter how old or how ingrained that are. You are always supported by Tracey via email and in the private FaceBook Group (a group that supports, celebrates and helps one another AND uses what we learn about reinforcing/reducing fears). Are you ready to be Confident to the Core?

Make this year the one that counted, the one where your riding confidence soared, you rode and smiled! Here’s a brief overview (note: some of these techniques have been designed to use whilst riding!):

Module 1:      Creating the mindset for change.

Module 2:     How ideas form and therefore actions take place

Module 3:     Mind techniques to change our thinking (use of visualisations and specific language sets)

Module 4:     Multi-pronged attack: more change work

Module 5:     Use of hypnotic language (not hypnosis!): hypnotic patterns to calm you and your horse

Read more detail about the topics covered here

You can join the programme at any time and work at your own pace. The investment will be held at £147  for the entire course. Join us. What have you got to lose? Riding nerves?

If you need further information, I am always ready to answer any and all the questions you may have. Contact me at

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Access the course here, with all the videos, worksheets and handy quiz questions you need, accessible right now for improved riding confidence. Head over to this link

Read what my recent graduates have said:

“My first solo ride in 7 months, it was fab, even a few tears of disbelief that I am doing this!”
“Just rode my beautiful mare for the first time in six months and I have never had such a wonderful time. Thank-you Tracey, you have changed my world.”
“This course has been a revelation to me. My physio was in the stable with me, working on my horse’s back (he usually rears and barges around) and she remarked how calm I was. More than that, she noticed how my horse was responding to me and my new assertiveness. I’ve noticed now that I can lope easily in the covered arena and outdoors, something I never thought possible. I can’t thank you enough. I would recommend this course to everyone who has the slightest fear or even the greatest one to improve your relationship with your horse and your relationship with yourself as a rider.”
“I debated whether to pay for this course, because I’d been enrolled on a free rider confidence website for over a year. Well, what a difference! No comparison. After a year of getting nowhere, I’m now ready for my first dressage competition in 6 years. Even though I usually feel a terrible dread before competing, I’m looking forward to it this time, for the first time ever. Thank-you so much.”
“Thought you might like to know that as a result of using some of the techniques, I’ve jumped my horse AND gone for a canter in the field.”
“The course has exceeded all my expectations. I am a whole new rider. My confidence continues to grow and grow. everything you learn makes good sense and is taught in a relaxed and supportive way. This is the only thing I’ve ever done that has actually helped my confidence.”

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