Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching

This is a coaching programme like no other. This is the potent combination of powerful mindset, psychological and energetic methodologies that caused an explosion in my business revenue since 2020 (including thriving through a pandemic!). It works beautifully whether you’re at an all-time low or want to get clear, get motivated and confident to be the real you. If you want to feel limitless, if you want more from life, your business or your profession, if you’re stuck, this expansive Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching programme is for you.

Brand New: Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching

This is like no other coaching method and has evolved over my many years of coaching, supporting and training those who want to break free of their limitations, this is for you if you know that you could be so much more, in life, in business or in your profession or even your sport.

But here’s the difference: this combinatorial approach means that we work at the conscious and unconscious levels and then at a much higher level of consciousness to embed the transformations. We work together to expand your thinking, allow options to appear, from deep within the unconscious mind and, then, reach even deeper into your own mind to align with what you most need. This means the coaching you receive is highly personal to you and a perfect fit for you, your personal development, your life, your business, your profession!

All the answers are within you, however, most coaching only taps into conscious challenges. Some coaching can work at the unconscious level, which is deeper. However, Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching is on a whole new level of consciousness. Each of us has inside our minds a blueprint for life. This could be called your purpose, the real you, the seat of your power; a blueprint that is waiting to be unfurled and utilised! Matching your blueprint creates a purposeful life, business and state of being.

What does this all mean in more down-to-earth terms?

  • Greater clarity on what route to take
  • More rapid growth and expansion of your potential
  • Being able to create meaning and purpose
  • Embracing your creativity
  • Gaining control over fears, emotions and self-sabotage
  • A true calibration of your self-worth
  • Greater ability to solve problems and actually enjoy the challenges life throws at you
  • Shape your own reality (throw those SMART goals away!)

It’s a game-changer of a coaching programme. And uses a combination of tools in a way that is totally unique! I take on a limited number of Combinatorial clients each month, in order for them to be deeply supported throughout.

I’d love to invite you to enjoy this programme if you:

  • Want to stop battling through life/business
  • End inner conflicts
  • Want more from life – it feels like you’re miles from your goals or that they keep slipping through your fingers
  • Are willing to invest the time in taking action and integrating the changes
  • You know you have potential, but are unsure about how to make use of it
  • You want to short-cut the time it takes to realise your goals – this programme will show you how to collapse the time line!
  • Yes, you’ll be a great fit if you are open to working with the deeper mind!

This programme isn’t a magic wand (but it is quite close!!!), it isn’t a quick fix and it’s really NOT for you if:

  • You don’t see yourself making a commitment to the change work
  • Are set in your ways and don’t want to change your perceptions
  • You don’t like changing your way of thinking, you think, ‘better the devil you know’.
  • You don’t want to take the time between your sessions to explore what has come up for you in a session and to put in the necessary mind work

What have people said about this programme?
Here are a few quotes from my lovely beta-testers:

I’ve had a set of wonderful beta testers, who have fed back on every aspect of the course, this is what they have to say about The Business of Mindset course.
“The Combinatorial Breakthrough Programme gave me so much to think about. I completed all the tasks and enjoyed all my one to one sessions with Tracey. As time went by, I could see that I had transformed my way of thinking about myself. It was amazing how one day, I looked back at who I was a month ago and I knew I was totally changed.”
“I feel more at ease about the future than at any other time of my life. I know that I can handle anything that life throws at me. I’m getting more and more clear on who the real me is and how I can live in alignment with my purpose.”
“My thinking, my ability to fend off problems anxiety for the future of my business are all gone. It’s hard to put into words how grateful that I am being coached in such a fantastically different way!”

If you’re ready now, then by the end of the 12-week coaching programme, you will:

  • Remove any and all blocks and limitations, in yourself, your ability, your business, your profession
  • Create long-lasting, permanent changes that move you from feeling unworthy, helpless, hopeless or stuck towards feelings of immense opportunity and potentiality
  • Stop the inner conflicts, the negative inner voice that says you can’t…
  • Create the future you – now!
  • Be able to thrive in any area of life – including your personal development business or profession – and have the certainty that this is happening
  • See real results and, as you journey through the programme, see an acceleration of results
  • Know that you can overcome problems, issues and challenges with grace and flow – anytime
  • Have practical tools to support you through any changes
  • You will know how to align with the real you, with less effort that you think!
  • You will enjoy profound self-acceptance and self-love
  • Have me ‘hold’ your vision for yourself so that you know that you’re not on your own in this

Although a lot of this work is done inside your head, we’ll plan the action needed to be taken to assist and boost your goals. This is a critical part of the programme. This work will take place between sessions and will give you a practical focus to expedite those concrete results that you want.

How is the Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching Programme run?

  • A welcome questionnaire to kickstart your transformative process – you may recognise patterns that were previously unconscious to you!
  • 12 weekly 1:1 sessions via Zoom where we work intensively on you! You can ask your burning questions and get clarity on what needs to be done to get where you want to be
  • Weekly tasking to stretch your thinking, perception and channel your energy into action, so that you create more momentum to change and break free of the ‘old’ you
  • Access to me via email or Messenger throughout the week, so that you can get the support you need to refine your thinking or actions

Are you being called?

By now, having read this far, your interest has been piqued and you may have questions, you may want to sign up right now! Is your gut telling you to do it or not or not now? One thing about gut feelings: they’re quite a surface-level reaction and tend to be less of a deeper-mind perspective. Many people mistake gut reactions for intuition, but they’re actually a primitive flight or fight response and can be restricted or reactionary.  So, as a little exercise right now, why not engage a higher level answering service?!

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Imagine stepping behind your eyes, use the ‘eyes’ of the mind and breathe deeply for a few minutes
  3. Ask your deeper mind, the seat of your intuition, ask, “Is this right for me now?”
  4. Wait for the answer and trust it.
  5. It may be against your gut, but it’s a messaging system that is far higher than the primitive gut!

Limited seats!

To be fully present and able to support my clients, I only have 2 seats per month on this very special Combinatorial Coaching Programme.

This is what Janet had to say, 6 weeks into her Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching:

“This is the most powerful mindset /energy coaching I’ve ever done, it is taking me out of my comfort zone and making me reevaluate ALL my thinking.”

How to apply

Simply email me using the contact form below or use . Ask any questions you need to ask and I’ll send you your Combinatorial Breakthrough Coaching Questionnaire. I’ll read through your answers and be in touch very soon!