Advanced Solution-Focused and Analytical Hypnosis

Get noticed, stand out from other hypnotherapists.

Be able to adapt your hypnotherapy to each and every individual client and be recognised for your extensive tool kit

Connect your clients with the suppressed emotions and memories that are causing physical and emotional problems

Have your client experience permanent results and address their issues – quickly

Join us on this up-levelled, higher thinking, solution-focused, analytical, fun, insightful hypnotherapy course. It’ll provide you with even more tools in order that you’re recognised as a real expert in your field.

Provide your clients with something different and be able to adapt to the most resistant, stubborn challenges with ease and flow!

You may have experience some or all of the following:

🙈 You get results, but you’d like to be more consistent

🙈 You want to enhance your suggestion hypnosis, but writing suggestions can be taxing

🙈 You’d like to work more conversationally, but are unsure of which induction to use and how conversational hypnosis works

🙈 You want more confidence as a hypnotherapist and able to work with whatever is thrown your way!

🙈 You know that for some clients a light trance isn’t quite enough for suggestions to be embedded, but you’re unsure about what to try next

What’s this course all about? It’s a blend of advanced suggestion hypnotherapy and analytical hypnosis:

⏩ Taking a brand new look at inductions to make your hypnotherapy a very personal experience for individual clients using (amongst other things) eye movement, conversational inductions, binaural beats….and so much more!

⏩ Advanced suggestion design – insert more power words, more hot words and write suggestions that work beautifully. We’ll take a look at methods not visited on Practitioner or Master Practitioner trainings

⏩ Conversational hypnosis and other communication techniques to get in touch with the unconscious mind’s own resources

⏩ Regression – using specific inductions and deepeners that get the right level of relaxation right – not too much, not too little! Know what to ask to get to the heart of the issue for the client.

⏩ Hypnoanalysis – root out the nub of the issue and release it, in a way that the client is consciously aware that the problem has gone and why it occurred in the first place.

Only 6 places available! Training via Zoom. Intro price of £357.

Pre-requisites: Hypnosis training at Practitioner level. If you have trained in others ways in hypnosis, do message me to apply!