The Business of Mindset

The Business of Mindset is a totally fresh, new way to do business mindset. It’s like no other business mindset course. We take a unique perspective that convinces you of the power of your mind. We use proven techniques that rapidly translate into tangible results for YOUR BUSINESS.

Mindset is everything, yet something we spend too little time on.

Your business mindset could be lacking in many different ways…..

❌ Do you find that set-backs really set you back?

❌ Do you spend time worrying about consistency in your business? Where is the next purchase coming from?

❌ Do you know that you take things too personally, too often?

❌ Often suffer from overwhelm? What about anxious, distracting thoughts and strong self-doubt?

❌ Do you question yourself and feel like an imposter?

❌ Do you feel deflated if a competitor does well or has a brilliant idea?

❌ Are you near burnout? Lacking sleep? Papering over mindset cracks and pushing yourself on?

Then you are not alone! These are all-too common in small businesses. Even spending a small proportion of time in that style of thinking could be a shackling you to grinding out a salary and the frustration of depleted energy. Having a step-by-step means of removing unhelpful thought patterns and crippling imposter syndrome could make or break how you think and do business.

✅ If you’re tired of struggling

✅ If you’re exhausted by working too hard

✅ If you want to stop feeling anxious and burdened, then this course is right for you now.

This is a business mindset course for those who know they could achieve so much more if they had more confidence, in themselves and their abilities and could feel at ease with greater visibility.

But if you…..

❌ Want cheaper alternatives from self-proclaimed experts

❌ Want a quick fix

❌ Don’t see the need to invest time and money in yourself or your business

❌ Then the course really wouldn’t suit you.

What’s the course like?

When you enter the course, you’ll see that you have all the modules ready and waiting for you! Each has been carefully crafted to work on your unconscious and conscious minds as you listen, to ignite your thinking and gain access to untapped resources and solutions. Each module contains

  1. An easy-to-follow discussion in video and audio formats, so you can choose how you want to learn. This gives you insight, clarity and ah-ha moments as you learn how the mind is interpreting your thoughts (often in the opposite direction to what you intended!). As new perspectives begin to dawn on you, you loosen up those old thought patterns and question your old thinking style.
  2. To gain greater clarity, there is a specially-designed workbook to enhance and embed new ways of being, more easily.
  3. A powerful, transformative visualisation crafted to gently work at the conscious and deeply unconscious levels and support all the changes you want to make

There are 7 modules on mindset and energy work and 1 module which gives you a simple step-by-step template for writing copy to attract and engage the unconscious minds of others!

What if I’d prefer to be supported/coached?

For those of you looking for a more supported course, look no further! It’s here! The VIP Business of Mindset Course has all of the above, PLUS, 6 x 1 hour sessions one to one with me, Dr Tracey Cole. Conquer your mindset devils with solution-led strategies to transform your mindset and your business.

You can sign up for the online course for only £495 or for the supported VIP course at £995. If you decide to do the online course and want to upgrade to the VIP, you can enrol for an extra £500.

Grab a bonus for signing up now!

BONUS BURNOUT module -recognise it in yourself and stamp it out! Easily!

You can go to the course and get a feel for it before buying – there’s an introductory chat waiting for you.


Q: Is there a life-time access to the course?

A: Absolutely. You may wish to dip in and out of the course at a later date as you expand!

Q: Is there a specific start time or can I join anytime?

A: You can join at anytime.

Q: You’re a Master Coach and mindset Trainer, is this course for other types of small businesses too?

A: Yes, definitely. I’ve worked with therapists, retailers, coaches, physios, copy-writers, professional equestrians and know that the methods work, no matter the niche.

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?

A: I’d say to go through each module’s course video/audio discussion and just take on board the highlights as they appear to you. This could take a week or more, depending on how much time you have. Then go back to each module and do it in detail: listen to the video/audio discussion again, fill out the workbook exercises and listen to the visualisation, this time take about 1-2 weeks per module. Allow the new thinking to be digested and consolidated.

Q: I’m too busy to enrol for another course! But I love the idea of this!

A: If you’re super busy and life seems to run on a treadmill, it could be that you need the course more than anyone! The mindset of being hyper-busy isn’t actually one you want or one that serves you well. We explore this on the course and how to remedy this pattern!

Q: Do you guarantee success?

A: No, that’s quite difficult to do! The course requires that you put in some time and effort to change your thinking. The more you do on your mindset and energy levels, the more likely success is.

How do I join?

Simply click on the link – you have an introductory preview video that you can view for free.

What others say….

I’ve had a set of wonderful beta testers, who have fed back on every aspect of the course, this is what they have to say about The Business of Mindset course.
I like that it’s oriented for business owners in every step of the way, I myself I’m in the conceptual or idea of a business “ professional mentoring and consulting” and this definitely gives me a great basis for starting.
Juliana Schotburgh
Life Realization Coaching
I must be projecting differently as I have been so busy and I have clients that I haven’t taught for years getting in touch. I know but something has changed.
Also, my other half had an amazing increase in work last week, including sales to high profile bands. He also noticed things falling into place that have been up in the air for some time, one even years! Something has changed already, so thank you.
Laura Hopkins
I Can Equine Coaching
I like the different perspective on your ideal client, this is so important, and when you get it right, it is a pleasure to work with these clients
Julia McHugh
Your Horse is Your Mirror Coaching
It’s fine for me to be where I am and I now have a small steps plan in my head 😃. Really permission giving.
Lynn Coulsting
Inspire Health Coaching
I feel much more confident in myself, my skills as a coach, and my ability to grow my business.
Anne Gage
Confident Horsemanship Coaching
I was quite surprised by how much the course ‘spoke’ to me. I enjoyed journaling and this led me to being confident to finally define myself as a businesswoman. The training has given me insight into my own self-sabotaging ways and how to change them. Although I worked on myself during the training, there was a definite butterfly effect on my business! I smashed through several money goals and have a plan for developing my business much further! Thank-you!
equestrian retail

Who is Tracey Cole?

Hi, if we’ve not met, I’m Dr Tracey Cole, I support, help, teach and train people in mindset. I’m an accredited Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Create Your Future® and Modern Hypnotherapy. I’ve been working on my own coaching and training business, as well as my business mindset since 2012.

When I first started my own business, I didn’t have a clue. I did see a huge difference that self-belief made, however. I didn’t know how I’d acquired any self-belief or what more I could do on top of believing in myself! Fast forward to the present and I’ve been able to dissect and decipher what works and decant it into the Business of Mindset course. I’ve loved making the course, I’ve taken out a lot of jargon and made it totally accessible, no matter what your knowledge of mindset is. In fact, if you’ve never delved into mindset, that’s perfect, you have no preconceptions!

Heres’ the link to the course again