The Confident Rider Mindset book

The Confident Rider Mindset

What if you could accomplish your riding goals without fear?

What would it mean to you to ride without the hindrance of negative ‘what if’ thoughts?

What would it be like to ride the way you know you really can?

The Confident Rider Mindset is now available in paperback and Kindle formats.

More and more, riders are looking for effective mental strategies to improve their enjoyment and success in the saddle. This is a highly practical guide detailing techniques that are invaluable whilst unmounted and whilst mounted. In fact, there is a whole chapter devoted to methods to use whilst you are riding.

In The Confident Rider Mindset, we discuss a wide variety of easy, proven approaches that can be used by riders of all disciplines and levels. Firstly, we look at techniques designed to break down riding fears by loosening the grip that they have on us. The initial foundation-laying part of the book is vital in creating a rock-solid and robust confidence later on. This is the key to whether your confidence is fleeting or firm. This is difference that makes the difference.

The Confident Rider Mindset provides a multi-pronged attack on doubts and fears, using a combination of traditional NLP, mindfulness, Quantum Linguistics and Time Line Therapy™ techniques. These are some of the most advanced mind skills used in the 21st Century and yet are easy and effective for anyone to practise. If you’re ready to boost your confidence, the Confident Rider Mindset is for you.

The wonderful thing about (re)gaining confidence is the way in which your riding naturally improves and your horse relaxes too. You probably already think that you can ride better, if only the anxiety would go away! Now you can be the rider you know you truly are! And your horse will thank you for it!

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