Ride Confident – in the 2020s

Looking for short, sharp, rapid results for riding confidence in the new decade?

Look no further, we have a cheap as chips offer to get you riding confidently!

Ride Confident – 2022

We’re all busy people.

It’s easy to feel that urgency of wanting to get on with your riding.

We all have dips in motivation. Cold or rainy or hot weather, slow progress, lack of confidence all get in the way of pushing forward with any riding goals.

You may look at yourself, maybe a past version of you as a rider, or a past version as a passionate competitor and wonder where it’s gone!

You may look at others and wonder how they can ride and enjoy themselves and you’re left like Cinderella wishing you could just ride….

Now the good news! You already have the ability. You already have the solution. You have it right there, inside your head!

Imagine, for a second that you have stumbled upon the key to getting back to where you want to be. It’s time for Ride Confident – in the 2020s. Your confidence has had a sudden rocket booster behind it! Imagine rapid results! Imagine riding better, because the fear has left!

That’s what I want to help you with, this January and for a cheap as chips price to get you going great in 2020.

  • 5 x 20-30 minute videos
  • Short, sharp, get-to-the-point sessions. No faff. No frills.

Usual price for Ride Confident – in the 2020s is  £99. Now just £29 for a limited time period.

That’s it!

This is what riders have to say:

Great sessions – thank-you
I did enjoy last night’s session; it was a lovely re affirmation of previous online training I have done with you. My ‘movie’ well and truly disintegrated in my head.
Thank you for my first session. I’m amazed how different it made me feel!
I really have enjoyed both all the sessions and am really looking forward to putting it into practice!
Thank-you so much for the sessions, really have made me think about perspective and that I can do this!
I’ve done the sessions as replays, so I’m a little behind, but I have been able to go out hacking for the first time in 4 years! Thank-you so much!
Thank-you for the sessions, they have been very interesting and will definitely help with my competition nerves. I’ve just booked to do a dressage test next week, can’t wait to see how it goes!
I’ve not been able to get on my horse without my husband being there, walking besides me for 4 years. Now I can! I feel a new lease of life and confidence – thank-you so much.

Photo credit: Raven Photography