Time Line Therapy® For Equestrians

What is Time Line Therapy® for equestrians?
A technique to make you feel good about your riding confidence and put a stop to self-sabotaging thoughts and ideas

Time Line Therapy® for equestrians, also known as Create Your Future®, removes limiting decisions and beliefs, as well as negative emotions. Call for a no-obligation fact-finding chat. Find out how you can become the rider you know you can be.

Time Line Therapy® for equestrians is perfect for enhancing sporting performance – how can anyone perform well when carrying fear, anxiety, anger, regret or disappointment? Time Line Therapy® for equestrians provides the mental clarity required for focus and success. The ability to control the mind when in the highly stressful and pressurised competition environment can be the fine line between triumph and mediocrity.

This is a powerful and wonderfully effective technique that restores balance, enabling equestrians to compete at their best and put in winning performances. Moreover, it can be used by all riders to regain confidence, self-belief and self-esteem after distressing or traumatic experiences.We work through the negative emotions together in a totally innovative, yet simple manner: this technique is content free. This means that we guide you gently through visualisations that do not require that you ‘face your fear’; no recall is necessary. The results are profound and, importantly, self-maintained by you.

Time Line Therapy® for equestrians is perfect for all equestrians, but particularly useful post-injury or traumatic experience.