Unlock your Riding Success Book

Cheerlead yourself or others to riding success using techniques from this book.

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Cheerlead yourself or others to riding success using techniques from this handy little book.

The equestrian world can often leave you feeling isolated and many of us prefer the company of our four-legged friends. This book is to help you to self-coach or enable you to support a rider through the minefield of lessons, competitions and exams, which can be emotionally overwhelming.

Riders it’s time to unlock your riding success and in using this book to support you through your journey with equestrianism, it will furnish you with the most up-to-date, unbelievably simple, effective methods from equestrian coaching, sports psychology and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).


This signature method ensures that you dive deeper into your mind, to give you more clarity and focus. It’s a step-by-step handbook giving you guidance on:

  • How to make the most of your personality type, by understanding yourself like never before
  • How to achieve more focus and drive
  • How to accelerate your self-belief
  • How to build successful relationships – ones that promote positivity and results
  • How to explore your vision and goals
  • How to supercharge your confidence and eliminate self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs
  • How to know how to be the number 1 supporter, the secret weapon to creating inevitable success

In brief, it’s a how-to guide on unlocking your riding success!

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Claire Nixon-Ord is a highly qualified UKCC level 4 equestrian coach, author, guest speaker and entrepreneur based in Northumberland. She overcame all barriers to work up to the top of the equestrian industry, gaining a wealth of expert knowledge to help you. She specialises in showing coaches and riders how to unlock their riding success.

Dr Tracey Cole is one of the UK’s leading equestrian-focused NLP and Hypnotherapy Trainers and Master Coaches. She works with all riders, from beginners to international professionals, to achieve the mental strength, motivation and resilience for riding and competing. Tracey trains equestrians and instructors in the mindset skills they need to be exceptional equestrian mental coaches.

With the self-coached rider and rider-supporter relationship in mind, this powerful blend of coaching and mindset will give you the means of avoiding and overcoming common pitfalls and demotivators. It will help you to unlock your mindset to enable you to re-focus to become the rider you’ve always wanted to be!