Equestrian NLP Practitioner

Are you an instructor or trainer who wants to communicate so effectively with any type of rider that your instructions are followed to the tee? Do you want to add a new source of revenue to your business and be well paid for your expertise?

Are you a rider who wants to ride with a natural confidence and in harmony with your horse?

Do you want to enhance your performance, be that at home or at competitions?

Are you considering a change of career and becoming an Equestrian Confidence & Performance  Coach?

Do you want quick solutions to riding issues? Be able to dissolve doubts, fears and lack of belief in just 8 afternoons?

Then this  group course has been specifically designed with you in mind!

(You can also complete your training one to one via Zoom!)

  • Fully accredited Equestrian NLP Practitioner course
  • 4 days equivalent

This is the very unique practical training to apply advanced mind techniques to equestrianism


Super charge your confidence levels and performance in just 4 days equivalent time (8 Monday afternoons)

  • It’s said 90% of your preparation should be inner mind work – do you know where to begin?
  • Developing unshakeable confidence is a science in itself and it’s quicker, more effective, long-lasting when not done in the saddle alone

The Equestrian NLP training systematically guides you through a multi-pronged attack on your fears, doubts and what-ifs

The techniques build a strong confidence that converts to being a home or at competition

Talent is not enough! Are you ready to be the rider you deserve to be?

Discover how to:

  • Be resilient in the face of the people who criticise us
  • Decipher what’s holding you back, and eliminate it
  • Learn powerful and innovative mind tools
  • Fulfil your potential and learn how to win the mind game

You’ll be able to train further to gain future qualifications in NLP CoachingTime Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy training. This is the only multi-certificate accredited training for riders anywhere in the world.

  • Training takes place on Zoom for up to 6 riders
  • Every Monday afternoon 1.30-5:15pm
  • Catch-up available, although watching the ‘lives’ is preferred!

Professional riders/riding instructors, trainers and coaches

An incredible opportunity to turn your equestrian riding and training business into a highly sought-after well-paid package

  • Stand out as one of the best in your field, able to bring some of the most advanced mind techniques available into your lessons and trainings
  • Everything you need to learn to be an exceptional instructor, coach or trainer and to be well paid for it.
  • Find yourself a client goldmine using strategies to develop all riders of all disciplines
  • Learn how to connect effortlessly with yourself, your clients, their horses and your horses, enhancing your business potential
  • Streamline your business for inclement weather protocols, lame or injured horses or injured riders and provide optimum impact performance coaching throughout the year

So what are you waiting for? Clients are seeking out professionally-trained mindset experts now to propel their riding performance: they could be seeking you out as someone who has completed an accredited Equestrian NLP certification!

Ask yourself, what would being able to help clients build rock-solid confidence clients do for your income this season? If you want to find out, sign up now! Enter your details in the contact form at the bottom of the page

I love to live and breathe equestrian mental performance and have designed amazingly rich programmes not available anywhere else in the world.

The mindset trainings provided are so much more than equestrian confidence training. You’ll be able to support and coach equestrians through many more issues and individualise your sessions.

You may be interested in the accredited 4-certificate course Empowered Equestrian™ Coach

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This course is a true voyage of discovery – see our handy pdf booklet –  delve into how our perception of the world around us shapes our actions (learn how to communicate effectively and effortlessly with others and yourself); learn self mastery of your emotions and behaviours (be able to focus on riding and dispelling outside noise). More than that, learn how to show others how to change their world for the better and be the person (or rider) they want to be. In essence, graduates of this course walk away with an advanced toolkit of the most up to date mental strategies, helping you to help yourself and others.

This is an internationally-recognised professional certification training and once qualified, you will be able to Coach yourself and others as an (Equestrian) Practitioner of NLP. The skills you acquire enable you to improve your career prospects in your current role, expand your thinking to help yourself and others and possibly start a fresh career as an (Equestrian) NLP Coach.

For more information, please contact me, I’m always pleased to receive questions and comments!

The investment for the NLP Practitioner training is £1357, including pre-study and course materials; (click here to see schedules and all prices). Email me if you prefer to pay in 12 interest-free instalments.  You may wish to train 1:1 via Zoom, please get in touch to schedule your training (£1899).

  • Payment plans exist to manage your payments easily – please enquire, we’re always happy to help!
  • You will receive your manual by post. Your Pre-Study is an online course (please access and pay here)