Create Your Future™

Create Your Future™ Techniques give you the step-by-step means to start to mould your life to be the way you want it. You can choose to work on your career, personal and professional development, sporting achievements and even impact your physical health. 

All Create Your Future™ techniques involve working with the unconscious mind and allowing conscious-unconscious integration to eliminate the thoughts and behaviours you no longer need or want.  The process is very effective in facilitating change – the techniques allow you to work at the unconscious level, so you can release the negative experiences and limiting decisions from the past and to change any negative programming in minutes instead of months or years. As an added benefit, you feel lighter because you release the energy that was being used in maintaining unhelpful emotions, thoughts and beliefs, thus giving you the energy and motivation to pursue your new goals.

Create Your Future™ techniques include the following and can be worked on in single sessions or as part of a 1-2 day Breakthrough Session (read more here). We also run a 1 day workshop, “A Balanced New You,” please contact us if you’d like more information.

1. Find out what your goals are and how to write them in such a way that the unconscious mind has complete clarity on what you want to unfold.  Align conscious and unconscious thought processes to maximise your results. Insert your goals into the timeline of your mind – so that they can happen!

2. Release negative emotions and traumas from the past, heal old emotional wounds, remove negative thoughts and behaviours. Unburden yourself, remove the baggage and allow your unconscious mind to learn from the negative emotions whilst installing more compelling new behaviours and ideas.

3. Removal of limiting ideas and beliefs, all those things that hold us back and ‘block’ our forwards momentum. Limiting beliefs can be quite latent and unconscious. for example, most people would agree that feeling that you are not deserving or worthy or good enough are limiting beliefs. Did you know that any negation, (e.g., “I can’t be happy”) or comparison (“I could never have that sort of life”) or yearnings (“I really wish I could do that”) are also limiting beliefs?

4. Eliminate conflicts that enter your head and never seem to give you peace!

5. Remove any phobias or the emotions left over as part of a traumatic experience

6. Gain an insight into your health and the mind-body connection. for example, do you suffer from a pain that the medical profession suggest should have ceased by now? In particular, neck and back pains that have no known cause and/or continue to plague you? Pain such as this is often a result of negative emotions that have remained deeply unconscious and now need attending to.

7. Create Your Future™ can be used to alleviate some of the symptoms of some conditions as part of a complementary, holistic approach to physiological-psychological wellbeing. Please note that this is NOT a substitute for medical attention and we would advise clients to seek the approval from their GP for Creating Your Future™ sessions. You can read the Disclaimer here.

8. Create Your Future™ Regression techniques can be useful in discovering the answers to burning questions you may have. This is not a hypnotic technique, but rather serves to open channels to your mind’s own resources and make these answers known to you. This is a fascinating means of utilising the power of our minds more to help us chart a successful course.