What is NLP?

NEURO to do with our minds, both at the conscious and unconscious levels.

LINGUISTIC the language we use to communicate; in NLP we use specific language patterns to facilitate change unconsciously.

PROGRAMMING the ability to model and focus on the behaviours we want, i.e. a way to change our way of thinking.

How Does NLP Work?

NLP uses the language of the mind to bring about our specific and desired outcomes.NLP is about noticing our conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns and (re-) modelling those patterns to achieve swift and lasting changes in the way we think and act. When doubt creeps in, our limiting beliefs cause changes in our behaviour, thereby creating a vicious circle of diminishing confidence and self esteem. NLP breaks this cycle quickly and effectively. Furthermore, the self-sabotaging negative self-talk is also eliminated.

It has been said that NLP is an instruction manual for the mind. NLP allows us to run strategies or programmes in our minds to achieve the desired results. In place of anxiety we install compelling, achievable goals. Suffering makes no sense, it’s high time to get on with your life!

I tailor specific NLP and Time Line Therapy™ techniques to meet your individual needs. I help you to gain a well-informed perspective on your issues. We work together, through various visualisations and scenarios, to provide you with a practical toolkit to support effective change. Most clients see and feel significant changes after just one session of NLP. After that, one or two additional sessions may be necessary to remove the negative emotions fully.