Equestrian hypnotherapy

Whatever your issue, we’re here to help. So whether you are a recreational or professional rider, in whatever discipline, hypnotherapy can eliminate your fears more easily, more effortlessly. Our bespoke hypnotherapy also caters for those riders for whom confidence is not a problem: they wish to enhance their performance and achieve more.

I take a pride in my hypnotherapy and design each bespoke recording or face to face session with great attention to detail . I don’t provide an off-the-peg service, as the results from generic hypnotherapy are not as transformative.

Personalised equestrian hypnotherapy works especially well for riders, as we all have very particular anxieties or worries, aspirations and dreams, not least because as riders we’re individuals, but our horses are too! More general hypnotherapy can help some riders to gain confidence or enhance their performance, but tailor-made recordings have a deeper, faster effect. Imagine that your problem centres around cantering. In your mind, you’re thinking about your horse and when/where/how you want to canter. You might be picturing an arena or field that you ride in, whether you’re alone or in company. That’s quite specific; by describing your situation, I can customize your hypnosis so that it’s meaningful to you and not a generic answer to a generic issue. A recording that’s exclusive to you and your needs to bring about the best possible results. There’s a confident competent rider in all of us. Hypnotherapy helps to unleash that potential.

As Tammy in Australia says:

“WOW that was awesome! I cried with JOY
Can’t wait for morning so I can ride. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the story, didn’t want to leave my dream bed world. Looking forward to listening to it over and over again”

Want to feel like that about your riding?

Whether you prefer a face to face session in North Staffordshire or an mp3/CD recording, we’re proud that our clients see and feel a difference in their riding using our gentle relaxations.

Gulliver and I are going great guns! The fear has gone and I’m back to loving riding and doing some of my best riding. Thank-you so much for your help.

– Julia, AustraliaI can’t recommend Tracey Cole’s personalised hypnosis enough. I have classed myself as a nervous rider since I had a riding injury going cross-country. I had consigned myself to flat work and, to be honest, craved the excitement of jumping again. Her recording for me was special, because as a rider, she was able to understand what my problem was. During the hypnosis, she took me on a little course of jumps and after just a couple of listens, I was raring to go. The real test, of course, was actually setting up a course and jumping it. My instructor was shocked – almost speechless – when I calmly announced that I was jumping again! – Shauna, N. Ireland

To find out more, contact me on 07815 016169 or fill in the contact form below. Find out more about equestrian hypnotherapy and what it can do for you, right now!