Why enrol on an NLP Training? Why NLP specifically?

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NLP offers both concepts AND fast-acting proven techniques to promote changes more easily than intellectualising and analysing a problem. Solution-focussed and results-driven, NLP is the go-to training for mindset in the 21st century.


This first group of people are usually coaches, therapists and life coaches.


There are several reasons why someone would want to train in NLP. First of all, the most obvious, is that you want to coach others. You want to become an NLP Practitioner or NLP Coach (A Coach has taken an additional training, by the way, although the term is often bandied about, without the backing of a qualification!). You’ll soon know that using NLP in your practice, either as a standalone or as part of a selection of techniques, that you’ll offer, means that you can really get to the heart of a problem and that you can make good money doing it.


NLP training for and business mindset coaches


The second group are gaining momentum now. After decades in the NLP doldrums, business owners are reaching out for NLP and business mindset coaches. Offering business coaching and mentoring, together with mindset, is sound business advice! Whilst many coaches lean on life experience for their ‘mindset’ coaching, having the back-up of an internationally recognised, professional qualification packs an even greater punch, adding credibility to your skill set.


Personal development


Next are the people who want to gain insight into their own way of thinking. They attend the NLP training for personal development. Light-bulbs get switched on and they smile as they recognise how their thinking has led them to where they are – and how thinking differently can forge a whole new future.


NLP training for sports and equestrian coaches


My last group of trainees are sports coaches, for example, I specialise in equestrianism. Another rapidly-growing area for mindset and mental health awareness is in sport. Thank-goodness this upward trend has seen no signs of abating! From grass-roots and recreational sports men and women, to the top-flight professionals, NLP Coaching is there at the very heart of success. If you’re already a sports or equestrian instructor or coach or trainer, then adding NLP to your toolkit can be rewarding for you and your clients.


Furthermore, as the pandemic has shown us, if you can’t get out to your clients, without a second string, your business could falter. Being able to deliver mindset sessions is not only valuable to the client, but essential to your financial well-being.


What do you learn about?


What do you actually learn on my NLP training? NLP is nothing new; it is derived from other therapies and branches of psychology and is a melding of the best of the best, transformed into very practical ways of helping yourself and others.


Initially, on my training, we start with looking at ‘NLP Themes’. These are concepts.

  • How are perceptions born? How can some people be glass half full and yet, with similar circumstances and background, the other person can be glass half empty?
  • What are we not taught, what would be a really impressive instruction manual for the mind? We look at rules that would make life a lot easier if we lived by them!
  • How does the unconscious mind work, how is that different from our rational mind?
  • How do we communicate? How can we better that? How do others communicate? What verbal and non-verbal cues can we pay attention to?
  • How do we create great rapport with others so that they are relaxed in our company?


We then move onto the main part of the NLP training, we discover a series of techniques that shift your thinking quickly. Whilst concepts are great, if a mind needs more of a nudge, we can use proven, fun ways to alter perspectives.


There are a variety of techniques covered on Practitioner training. Some work best with visual people, others work best with those that feel emotions more readily. We talk about why each method works and what’s crucial to bring about the very best results. Perhaps I should emphasise here that my trainings are hands-on and practical (unlike some online only courses!). We practise in such a way that graduates are comfortable and confident in supporting their paying clients.


My trainings are highly supportive and need no prior qualifications. You don’t need to be particularly academic or a quick learner, I give you a pre-study pack that helps you to get familiar with NLP before you even start the course. That way, you’re even more at home with what you’re learning on the training itself.


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