Why did you get into being a trainer of equestrian NLP?!

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  1. Nobody else on the planet offers this board accredited 4-certification mindset training for equestrians and riding coaches/instructors. Being the only trainer of equestrian NLP and other modalities in the world is amazing!


I became qualified at Practitioner level in 2013, initially for my own interest and not to use professionally. I could see the huge benefit in my own riding and competing and a germ of a business idea formed.


  1. I was bowled over by how much sense the training made and how directly applicable it was to riding challenges.


What’s more, it doesn’t matter what type of riding you pursue or at what level. I love the fact that we’re interested in how the mind creates the problem, be it a sticking point, a mental block or a fear. We’re not interested in the why. Asking why usually brings up excuses and we’re all for action-taking.


  1. I love the interaction of teaching people. I love communicating ideas and hearing how others view the concepts and techniques. I like to think of my training room filled with learning and laughter. We like cake too, it fuels the brain!


After the trainings, I do keep in touch with the Practitioners and Master Practitioners and I continue to support them and find out how they are doing, what they are doing and if they need any top-up training from me. They can also attend any training again (up to the level they have qualified at) for free. This keeps their learning fresh and up to date.


  1. I am soooo proud of the people who qualify with me; most use the methods as part of their equestrian business or become 100% equestrian mindset coaches. When they have gained the 4 certifications and demonstrated excellent practice with riding clients, they are awarded the title of Empowered Equestrian™ Coach. Seeing and joining people on their own mindset and business journeys is truly special.



  1. I see mindset and mental strength as a flourishing aspect of equestrianism. It’s a definite snowball effect. Once someone has experienced the change in their riding, the proof of the pudding, the message spreads. This isn’t something for elite or professional riders, it’s something to do alongside riding lessons/training sessions to complement what you learn and give you the confidence and self-belief that propels you forwards even more, even faster. If, instead of doing 4 riding lessons a week, a rider does 3 riding sessions and a mindset session, they will more than compensate for one less lesson a month. In fact, chances are they will progress beyond where they would normally be. And that’s a great thing to see.


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