NLP Breakthrough: Could it be the Answer?

Posted on March 22, 2022 by Categories: News

Why have an NLP breakthrough day?

We all have patterning that could be improved, enhanced or delete. A breakthrough day is ideal for you if you are aware that your mindset is being impeded and, hence, how you live, work and ride are also set back; it’s also an efficient way to enhance your performance and work on improving your mind to give you even better results.


It feels like you are taking the handbrake off!


Breakthrough days are superb for those who are short of time and want to see quick results (don’t we all?). Unlike other coaching schedules, I work with you for up to 6 hours on the first day and, if needed, we continue for a further 2 hours to bring you to your new way of thinking and acting.


Some clients have opted for 4 hours + 4 hours too.


It’s easy to have a breakthrough day on Zoom and stay in the comfort of your own home. I also love the fact that international clients find it a boon too.


Where do we start?

It al starts with a series of questions. For me to find out how our mind creates and generates ideas, beliefs, values, preferences and attitudes, I’ll ask you a number of questions. Some are to engage your conscious mind, others dig deeper and go beyond the surface level questions to get into the deeper structure of your thoughts and behaviours.


The questions are styled in a such a way that you are able to build a picture for me, as to how your mind works, what strategies are in place, what blocks your ongoing success and where support from your mind is lacking. It’s a lot of fun and usually illuminates the core issues and some surprising memories and thoughts that weren’t previously in your awareness.


From then on, the breakthrough depends on the individual, although as a foundation, we dissolve negative emotions and past baggage. We also attend to inner conflicts, those push-pull dynamics that make your think that on the one hand I can do X, on the hand, I can’t. There may also be vague beliefs that you’re not yourself anymore, that somewhere along the way, the real you became lost.


Sometimes, we have issues that are outside of our consciousness. It can be that these run like malware slowing us down and causing their own problems. These underlying, latent thoughts can be brought into our awareness during a breakthrough – and then eliminated!


What happens next?

If there are additional values, beliefs, traumas, habits or anything else lurking and underpinning unhelpful modes of thinking, doing and being, we can address those.


As the day goes on, we gather momentum. The mind becomes more and more able to see, feel and effect changes. There are often light-bulb moments and sometime laughter and a few tears of relief. Think of a breakthrough as a spa for the mind! With longer lasting effects!


At the end of the day, I review all my notes and check on where we’re up to. If we’ve not covered everything we wanted to work on, we can meet to address the last few changes. This may be installing goals into your unconscious mind, so that in all, you’ve cleared the past and started to plough a new furrow for the future.


People comment that they feel lighter, more energised

The amount of energy that’s expended in maintaining old beliefs, emotions conflicts, unhelpful values and thereby manifesting low self-confidence, low self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of results or even burnout is HUGE!


Imagine the release of all that wasted energy! Now imagine putting that energy to better use, whether that’s in physical or mental activity; it may be that you’re more than ready now to unleash a dream project, or feel that there is nothing barring your way in life, work or sport. No wonder people feel released and ready to be set free into the world!


After a month or so, we meet again to check in on you and how life is going. Anything that needs a top-up is catered for, but for the majority of people, this is a catch-up chat, brimming with laughter and positivity.


NLP Breakthrough Day: you’re given all the techniques you need to self-maintain 

Whether we use Time Line Therapy® , NLP, Create Your Future®️, Hypnosis or energy techniques, you’ll have all the instructions, guidance and support you need to self-maintain your brand new outlook.


Complimentary calls are no-obligation chats

Booking an initial complimentary call is easy. You can do in on this online scheduler click here  or email me . This is a no obligation chat and I can explain more about the techniques and what an NLP Breakthrough could do for you.


You’ve nothing to lose in finding out more, so why not give it a try?


NLP Breakthrough Days are currently  £2000-£2500 (2022), depending on the level of intervention needed. As one client remarked, cheap for a life changing day!