How to choose an excellent NLP training

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What to look for in an NLP Training


1. The trainer. A trainer has been through Practitioner and Master Practitioner Coaching. Many trainers are also qualified to certify in similar modalities such as Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Modern Hypnosis. Look at the trainer’s portfolio of trainings and experience.


2. Is the training accredited? I’m accredited by the American Board of NLP, American Board of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® Association and American Board of NLP (Coaching Division). I prefer the ABNLP, as it’s the largest NLP Board world-wide and has international recognition.


3. Can you do a taster session/training? I run Power Hour taster training – refundable when you book onto a full training. You can get a feel for me and NLP!


4. Do you prefer group training or 1:1? I offer both. Group training is Monday afternoons at 1:30-5:15pm and 1:1 is completely flexible on the hours/days you choose to train.


5. What’s the trainer’s experience and background? Few people start life as NLP Practitioners or trainers, most people have other experience and qualifications. I was a research biochemist, university lecturer and school teacher and I’m an equestrian. Some of my trainees are also equestrians, by profession or as recreational riders and instructors. Other trainees come from a wide variety of professions!


6. Do you have a good gut feeling? Book a complimentary call, always worth a chat, you can see whether you like their style.


7.How many years have they been training NLP? Are they experienced?


8.What’s the length of the course? Very often, NLP is taught in a fly-by-night whistle-stop manner. Trainers often say this is to overload the conscious mind and fill the unconscious mind with learning. Hmmmm. Yes. I can agree in part, but I do find that taking more time, over several weeks allows the trainees to try out techniques and consolidate their learning. My group training takes 8 weeks.


9. This may be harder: just how well do they know NLP?! Hard for you to assess, but most bodies that award the certification of NLP Trainer have a written exam. Be cheeky, ask them their percentage score!! My exam was continuous from 9am-4pm. It took me 5.5 hours of writing. I got 100%. Anything below 70% and I’d shy away from that trainer. And sometimes scored below 90% are simply given ‘pass’.


10. What’s the support like before, during and after the course? I’m always able to support anyone through their NLP journey, from planning sessions with new graduates to helping people understand a particular technique or concept. It’s a part of my job I love. I like to make people feel they are in safe hands.



What an excellent trainee is like


  1. Has a curiosity for learning about the mind and human behaviour
  2. Has the dedication to show up every week for training (missing the occasional week is ok, I record the training, but it’s ten times better to be there in person!)
  3. Is able to step outside of their comfort zone and be a beginner again
  4. Wants this to be a learning for themselves and/or for others to be the first step of their journey into mindset and applied psychological techniques
  5. Has an open mind!


You can find out more about the NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach training (NLP Practitioners have 1 qualification, in NLP, NLP Coaches have additional certifications, including NLP Coaching) here

And if you’re an equestrian, here’s the horsey version here


Current schedules and prices are here

If you’re curious about training, you can always chat with me via email or on Zoom, without the sales pitch, to find out if I’m a good match for you! You can schedule a Zoom chat here