Has doubt ever stopped you? Why do we doubt ourselves?

Posted on October 26, 2020 by Categories: News

Whatever, the doubt, no matter how long you have felt this way, doubts are simply beliefs that we only think are true. They don’t have the same resonance as the truth of the sun coming up each morning, they are not truths and they don’t have to rule our lives!


Doubts are limiting beliefs that seep into our subconscious (or unconscious) mind, they surface as blocks and prevent us from taking the plunge (no swimming pun intended!).


Knowing where a doubt has sprung from may help to identify it and eradicate it.


  • From childhood. Strange as it may seem, doubting yourself as an adult may be an on-going response to a childhood event. It can be an off-the-cuff remark from someone or even a longer-term attitude that we take on board without the ability to question it


  • From teenage years. These formative years mold so much of us, we not longer have the desire to imprint the adults around us, we no longer model them so much, but we look to socialise and fit in with our peers. This can cause some pretty big doubts about ourselves to set in!


  • We have succumbed to perfectionism, requiring that we wade through minute details and beat ourselves up for the tiniest hiccup


  • Instead of thinking of tasks in do-able chunks, we see a huge big picture of all that has to be done. This is the structure of an overwhelmed mind!


  • We listen to negative self-talk and think of thoughts as real. Let’s be clear: self-talk is rarely, if ever, real. It’s a commentary about the future, “If I do X, then Y will happen,” or “I feel anxious about doing X next week.” Thoughts are simply a set of electrical impulses in our brain’s circuitry that have come to a conclusion based on our doubts. It’s a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy. I doubt myself, so my thoughts are doubtful, so I doubt I will do it well.


  • Our goals are not in alignment with what we truly want. Going against your values, what you find truly important, is incredibly stressful and underrated as a means of causing doubt. Your mind is constantly telling you to do what you believe in, what brings you joy. For a fleeting second, you picture that, only for doubts to overshadow it.


  • Which brings us onto having unpleasant mind’s eye views of what we want, instead of exciting, compelling and highly attractive ones. Changing your visualisations, changing the colours, brightness, focus, sounds and feelings is more powerful than we can imagine! Your mind will chase after a visualisation you have in your head, so make it a good one!!


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