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Be a more confident rider, lose self-doubt and improve your performance!

Before you choose to go ahead with a session, I offer a no-obligation, free phone chat. This enables me to understand your issues and aims, as well as giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have. I will ask you several questions, posed in such a way that your unconscious mind will start to whittle away at the problem, breaking it down, re-assessing how to get what you want. Email me at or click here to book your free, no obligation call. I can talk you through the different options of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® or a combined approach.

Bespoke NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® sessions can be on the phone or via Zoom.

  • A taster coaching session or taster of mindset training of 1 hour is £135. To read more about the individualised taster training click here
  • A longer taster session of 1.5 hours is £175
    – Your taster may include NLP, Time Line Therapy®️ or hypnotherapy coaching
    – Your taster could also be an intro into NLP training and we would cover a topic of your choice
    – Don’t worry if you’re not sure which session or techniques suit you best – I’m here to help you decide. Email me or book a complimentary call here

Most riders see and feel a difference after just 1 taster coaching session. You’ll have techniques to take away and practice, so you can maintain your new mindset yourself.

For a deeper approach, why not think about coaching? Coaching may be done weekly/fortnightly/monthly in a 6-session package for £795 or 3-session package for £380; or a whole day coaching in a Personal Breakthrough could be for you.

Competition support is also available. Why not book me for a pre-competition session? Many riders enjoy having the session in their lorry whilst already at the venue! Alternatively, if the competition is within 40 miles of ST13, I’ll happily come to the venue and give you a face to face session to boost your confidence.

Perhaps you’re an eventer and would appreciate mini-sessions before each phase of your ODE? Or a show-jumper or dressage diva competing in more than one class?

Why not book a tailor made set of mini-sessions before each class? Get in touch to find out more – I’d love to chat with you about your requirements.

Here’s just one of my lovely client testimonials:

“Today I hacked Jack out on my own without company, and we had a really good time! I have never felt him so relaxed when out on his own, he has in the past been a bit more tense, simply because he prefers to go out in company.

I practiced the Swish and Fast Phobia Method yesterday, just to keep things in mind, and made sure that I had a head full of positive images as I set off. Every now and then I would lose concentration, but it didn’t matter, as long as I made sure that there were no bad images drifting around. People probably thought I was a nutter as I was riding around with a big grin on my face!

There were no spooks or challenges today, but that is fine. Every good experience that we have will make any challenges easier when they come along. I’m already feeling like a more confident rider!

Many thanks again for your help.” Jo, Shropshire

You may also be interested in my self-help book, The Confident Rider Mindset – how to hack your mind for riding success. Find out more