Empowered Equestrain Coach Taster


Wondering whether to train in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Modern Hypnosis?

Why not try a taster session? A 1 hour of NLP with me via Zoom for £135

(fully refundable when you book onto a training or enjoy the session as a stand-alone intro)

As an equestrian or riding instructor and coach, you may have thought about mindset and mental strength training before now. So this may be of interest to you.

Why not book a 1:1 one-hour taster session? You can get a flavour of training with me, whilst gaining valuable insights that you can take away and implement. We’ll….

  • Look briefly at how the unconscious (subconscious) mind works
  • Find out how is it that some people are more anxious than others about riding
  • Discover that perceptions are as individual as fingerprints
  • Learn what riders are doing inside their heads to scupper their riding and perceptions of themselves as riders.
  • Learn the specific questions you need to ask to change their ideas about themselves as riders
  • Find out more about how individual riders learn and use it to your advantage to coach riders so they understand your instructions beautifully!
  • Learn which words can accelerate your riders’ understanding
  • Chat about how you, as a riding coach, can improve your communication to get the best from your riders
  • Or, why not choose a mindset/performance psychology topic for yourself and I’ll prepare a personalised taster for you?

This is a taster, not a sales pitch(!), which can be your introduction to a training in NLP, or as a stand-alone session. Have a notepad ready, so you can readily use all the ideas and concepts in this packed session!

This will give you a flavour into training with me and how it can help you as a rider and your clients. You’ll also be able to join a full training, having full confidence that you will be adding value to what you can offer current clients and mindset-only clients.

Mindset coaching doesn’t have to be in person, making your client base national and even international, making mindset training an excellent addition to your business portfolio and earning potential.

£135 for one hour, refunded if you join a training (online, by Zoom or face to face).

Book your taster session or book a complimentary chat below

You can find out more about the full trainings here