The view we take of health and healing is a holistic one. Working with clients to enhance their total psychological and physiological wellbeing is part of a much wider process which involves the Master Practitioner and also GPs, clinical experts, nutritionists and fitness professionals.

  • A Master Coach Practitioner is not qualified to give medical, nutritional or physical exercise based information or advice to clients.
  • A Master Coach Practitioner does it attempt to diagnose or cure any medical condition or psychological issue. If you  have a medical or psychological problem, you should contact your GP in the first instance. Only a GP can ethically offer any medical or psychological advice.
  • A Master Coach Practitioner of NLP, Creating Your Future™ Coaching Techniques and Hypnosis, does not cure anything. They can however, assist clients in alleviating their symptomology through the mechanism of the mind-body connection, always working in synergy with the GP and with experts in other fields.