You’ve been told words have power. Task 3

If you haven’t done Tasks 1 or 2, look back at Task 1 or Task 2

How about this: your life is created by you, every second of every day. Stay with me, let me tell you what’s going on. We absorb information from the world around using our senses. We decode the information by describing it. We attach words and descriptions to what’s happening around us. We have running commentaries going though our heads.

What the commentary says is usually automatic. This is how we experience life. Think now of a warm day in summer, you’re walking on a beach in the sand dunes. There’s a refreshing breeze, the sound of the sea and salt in the air. Some people would be running this commentary,

“What a gorgeous day for a walk on the beach.” Others may say,

“Walking in these dunes is too much like hard work, I’ve got sand in my shoes, I can’t breathe and my thighs are aching. God, I can’t wait to get home.” Or,

“Well, this walk has burned off a few calories! I need to get fitter!”

Each person has the same experience, but has created their own personal experience using their descriptions.

Changing your description, with purpose, rather than running your default programming, is the super-duper, special, secret, amazing portal to changing whatever you want in life.

Look at what you wrote in Task 1. Uggghh, all those problems, issues, predicaments, what an awful description! Rip it up, screw it up, shred it, put it on the fire, just get rid of it! Writing that description probably made you feel worse, it reinforced a story you told yourself.

Now it’s time to tell new stories. Find one positive thing about your situation. Spin a new yarn. Spin that one positive into a second. Tell the story you want to e true. Tell the story where you are much more like the person you would admire.

You’ve talked about your negative situation and convinced yourself into miserable or downcast feelings. Why can’t you do the same with a positive story?

I know you’re questioning this! Just hold on a moment and we’ll get to the how this works. I want to say a brief word about affirmations. Avoid them. They are a weak way of changing, they may give you inspiration, but they work very, very slowly when it comes to really changing a situation. (See )

So, how will describing a situation differently result in changes in a financial situation or a stormy relationship or other problem? This is the magic of it.

  • Your mind has more power than you can conceive
  • Teach your mind to be the person you want to be – with volition and things start to change. Incredible, I know
  • Teach your mind to focus more on the little ways you are getting what you want, each tiny victory (for finances: my shopping was £5 less than I expected; for a relationship, that person does have good qualities and is trying their best)
  • Remember this isn’t ‘think positive’. You’re really seeing a true positive, not shoe-horning one in or making one up
  • Appreciation is key

Describe things in different terms and do it often; your thoughts seem to now follow the new pathway more easily, each time you do this, this becomes the new much-trodden neural path. As your thoughts change, other things seem to follow.

How???? I don’t know the exact mechanism, this is the magical part. From what I know, I’d say it was that your negative thoughts were creating a barrier to your mind’s inspiration and creativity. Once the thoughts gain more positivity, then your mind is free to deliver those magical sparks that will be the stepping stone to get closer and closer to your goal.

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