You’ve been told words have power. Task 2

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Welcome back! How did Task 1 go? Was it good to see it in black and white or did it make you feel that the task ahead is a big one?

I suggest that from today you keep a brief journal. On your phone (voice memos maybe), notes or in a lovely brand spanking new notebook. Jot down any changes, no matter how small.

For the next task, we’re going to change your perspective, actually get into your neurology and change it! For that, we need to shift how we talk to ourselves in our head. This means putting on your best school teacher voice and really making inroads into your way of thinking. This may be a way that you’ve done all your life, so do your best. If you fall off the wagon, that’s fine, that’s human!

Task 2

You’re going to STOP complaining! Inside your head and out loud. Every time you find yourself putting out a whine, a whinge or a groan, you’re going to reframe it. Let’s think about some examples.

“I can’t believe the traffic, this is pathetic, I’m going to be late.” Turn into, “I can’t control the traffic, I’d rather get there in one piece. I’m going to just listen to the rest of this podcast and do my best to get there.”

“She never tidies up, she makes so much work for me and is totally ungrateful.” This becomes, “I’ll tidy up this once and then I’ll remember that, actually, it’ll do me good to burn a few more calories, so I can have that biscuit guilt-free!”

“I hate my job. I hate how under-appreciated I am,” this could be, “Having such a dislike of my job is just the push I need to look for alternative work, maybe even look into starting my own business.”

We complain endlessly. We don’t know we’re doing it. It’s like a reflex. IT has to stop, or at least stop in large part. Every little irritation, has to be forgiven. I’ll admit this is hard (I’ve lived in complaining mode!) and yet, it catalyses changes in your mind you cannot conceive yet.

You start to get on with people – can you think of one good thing about a person you currently have no time for? Think of that when you have your next meeting or call with them, even when you’re only thinking about them. Conjure up in your mind those positives; this is to help YOU, remember, to make you feel better.

The beauty of this is that it works.

If you catch yourself complaining, don’t give yourself a hard time, simply reframe your thoughts. Remember that doing yourself down is the biggest complaint going!

Have fun! Note the changes and if you want to let me know how it’s going, email me at 

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