Why is it that New Year resolutions don’t last?! How to drive your goals so you get them!

Posted on December 27, 2017 by Categories: News

So why is it, that we all set out so determinedly and accept defeat so easily? In a nutshell, it’s because we forgot to tell our mind what we want! Our unconscious mind that is, the mental goal getter. Let me explain………


When we think about what we want to be, do or have, that’s our conscious, analytical and logical brain setting the goal. That’s like turning on the ignition in your car, the start of your drive. The second step is crucial, we have to tell our unconscious mind what we want too, otherwise our car stays in neutral; the unconscious mind is like putting the car in gear. Telling the unconscious is straight-forward and easy if you know how, but you must communicate in the language of the mind, not your every day language. The unconscious mind prefers symbols, images and very literal, simply language. Where most people go wrong is not in the setting out of what they want to achieve, it’s in having the unconscious mind know in plain terms what you want.


I’ll talk a little more about the language of the mind in a moment. Let’s assume we’ve set the goal and communicated it to the unconscious mind, so now we’re into first gear and away! What happens next? If the unconscious mind is clear about the goal, it becomes like a bloodhound on the scent for opportunities that will lead you towards the next step. Goals are multi-step. Resolutions are set with the idea that there’s a quick fix, one-step process and that’s a second reason why they fail. The unconscious mind has the facility to be on the alert for the next step, someone you can work with on the goal or something you need to achieve it. How often have you met someone quite by chance and that conversation has led ultimately to success? Was that just chance or was your mind helping you to see the possibilities?! Going back to our driving analogy, the unconscious mind is now getting us into second gear, from where we can move into third and fourth and fifth. And this is how goals are achieved, at the conscious and unconscious levels. Both parts of the idn working in synergy.


So how do we communicate the goal to the unconscious mind? To do this really elegantly, I do private sessions on goal setting, because it’s fun, it works and you really get things moving when you set goals in any area of your life! If you’d like to write a goal on your own, then here are some simple guidelines:


  1. Say what you want. NOT what you don’t want. The unconscious mind doesn’t understand the word ‘not’.
  2. Make sure the goal is achievable – take small steps towards the end result. Then set a more ambitious new goal when you get there.
  3. Write the goal as if you already have it.
  4. Make the goal compelling and attractive. Writing the goal down is really good for getting your ideas down and in a way your mind understands. Add in what you see/hear/feel having already achieved the goal.
  5. Make sure the goal is win-win for everyone you’ll come into contact with – the unconscious mind is a highly moral being!


Best of luck with your goal setting, let me know how you get on. If you’d like to know more about how to set goals and actually insert them into your future time line, having even greater probability of being realised, contact me, 2018 could be the year that made all the difference!