What are your limiting beliefs? You may be surprised to find out!

Posted on September 22, 2018 by Categories: News

Limiting beliefs cause us to

  • Feel as though we’ve hit a ceiling we can’t get beyond
  • See things as stuck, with no options and think that we have to accept life as it is
  • Make us compare ourselves – “I couldn’t be that good,” or “I couldn’t do that better.”
  • Say things like, “I could never be/have what I want to be/have.”
  • Think, “I wish I could do that,” with an implied, “But I know I can’t.”
  • Make us feel that our path is blocked, no matter how hard we try, we never get past that certain point
  • Think about regrets and doubts about ourselves
  • Cause us to feel that there must be more to life, but not know what it is
  • Make us think our choices are limited or non-existent
  • Make us feel low or depressed, stressed or anxious and may even lead to physical illness
  • Think that we can’t have what we want

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Let me know how you get on!