Time Line Therapy ®️ for Equestrians

Posted on September 19, 2022 by Categories: News

Time Line Therapy ® was developed in the 1980s by Dr Tad James. It was initially used to remove negative emotions and gain emotional control of your life. It has expanded to be much more than that. The way in which it works is so deep and powerful that the Croatian Council of Psychotherapy requested to be trained in it, to help victims of war and those suffering with PTSD.

However, you don’t need to be going through such trauma; you don’t need to be having a specific mindset or mental health issues to enjoy seeing and feeling differently.

Time Line Therapy® works with your unconscious mind, the part of the mind that stores our memories and emotions, as well as our beliefs (limiting ones and expansive ones), regrets, decisions and habits.

The sessions allow you to react to the present without being hampered by past patterning. We uncouple the past negative emotions and beliefs that work like malware and run programmes you may or may not be aware of. Your mind could be clogged up with these old emotions, even if you thought you’d dealt with them.

If a problem was created in the unconscious, the easiest and most efficient way to remove it, is to work with the unconscious. This gives Time Line Therapy® the edge. The unconscious mind works relatively quickly and the lasting results take only one session to feel lighter and more positive. With each additional session, you can move beyond your mind obstacles such as chronic stress, fear, anxiety, apathy, melancholy, depression, hurt, guilt, shame and any others you care to name.

What good is that for an equestrian then? Having all this unnecessary past patterning is actually an energy drain. It takes a lot of for our mind to hold onto this heavy baggage. One remark that I repeatedly hear when people have Time Line Therapy ® is how much lighter they feel, that’s the release of the effect of past programming. Imagine now being able to use that energy, not for storage of unwanted mind junk, but to ride! Yes, the mind can now make far better use of the energy in physical activity and positive, supportive thought processes for riding.

I must point out here that we never go into memories or past emotional upheavals when doing Time Line Therapy ®. We actually avoid that. This makes the changes subtle, gentle, yet very deep and deeply resonating for the rider. Once learnt, the technique is relatively easy to do for yourself to self-maintain this empowering and liberating way of being. Creating new patterns and setting up a present and future you are the next steps along the time line.

Your mind becomes more solution-oriented, rather than seeing problems and hurdles. Your relationships with others improve, so you have the time to listen, rather than feel irritated and time-poor. I know of one professional rider who was a really great person, underneath all their cutting remarks and highly stressed nature. It took only two hours of Time Line Therapy ® for their real self to shine through, for them to have the time and energy for owners and grooms. The difference was a huge change to the atmosphere of the whole yard and the transformation was something I’m so proud to have been a part of.

In essence, how you are behaving right now, may be more to do with long-forgotten past events, thoughts and beliefs, but they have an emotional impact on you, sap your mind and body of the energy to be you and perform to your potential.

  • How would you like to change how you react to disappointment?
  • How would you like to perceive yourself as a rider?
  • How would you like to dispel chronic fears?
  • How would you like to stop the memories of an accident impacting how you ride?
  • How would you like to stop overreacting with emotional outbursts when things don’t go to plan?
  • How about preventing catastrophising?
  • How about that emotional or belief pattern that plagues you, that not being good enough or feeling like an imposter?
  • How about responding to what’s happening in the present in a realistic way, not in a way that you’ve been triggered by the past?
  • How would you like to enhance your mental toughness for your sport?
  • How about increased focus for winning?

All of this is can be unhooked and removed for ever using Time Line Therapy ®. So why am I not giving you the step-by-step method to do this? Because it’s a powerful set of techniques, where the coach uses their own intuition and training to guide the process. Always do Time Line Therapy ® with a person trained in the technique, so that the results ensure that you remove all the old constrictions easily and gently. It’s not something you dabble in!

If you’d like to gain emotional and mental control, for greater mental toughness, which translates to enhanced riding results, you can book a complimentary call to find out more. You can also find out more here .

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