The best helmsmen stand on the shore

Posted on December 30, 2016 by Categories: News

It reminds me of my Saturday nights of watching Strictly Come Dancing. Now, I know I can’t dance, I don’t like dancing and dancing isn’t something I aspire to. I do watch Strictly though. And, strangely I know a salsa from a cha-cha-cha, not mention being able to comment on a good rise and fall, follow-through or fleckle. In fact. from the comfort of my armchair, having never danced more than a step-to in my life, I judge the celebrity dancers every week using technical terms I could never physically muster.

Which brings me on to the watchers we all have. Those judgmental people who consider themselves experts in whatever we’re trying to achieve. Those onlookers who don’t actually ever do anything themselves (that would place them in their own firing line), but supposedly have all the knowledge and know-how that would put us right.

For 2017, I’m going to give those negative onlookers a miss. I’m going to smile to myself each time I notice one of them – and there are plenty to go around! I’ll remember the ludicrous nature of armchair football managers, the would-be F1 drivers, the show-jumping stars who don’t actually ride their horse, the sideline judgers and all the others who are not getting out there and having a go themselves, because we’re the ones getting the results, improving, learning more….….and, as such, we’ll never need to judge the hard work of others in a negative way.