Questioning for your mindset: illuminating insights

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Questioning for your mindset


Questions can commandeer the brain. Here’s an example:

What colour are you wearing today?

Your brain is compelled to think about it, isn’t it?! You didn’t have to direct or force yourself to think about it, your mind jumped in and started to find an answer. That’s why questions are powerful tools for journaling, coaching and therapy. Your unconscious mind may also continue to mull over a question, long after your conscious mind has moved on.

Thought-provoking questions can be used for self-help too. Here are 16 of my favourite questions to ask yourself, let me know how you get on!


  1. If I had a magical mindset wand, what changes would you make to your mindset?

This question tells us about blocks, obstacles and sticking points.

  1. What’s the one thing that if it changed for you right now, would make the biggest difference to you?

This gives lots of detail about the problem and its solution!

  1. What are you holding onto, that’s holding you back?

The question sheds light on limiting beliefs and inner conflicts

  1. If you suddenly forgot your age, what age would you be?

Are you able to be child-like, youthful or are you tired and aged?!

  1. If you got your goal, what would you gain?

This is a powerful boost for your goal getting

  1. When you get where you want to be, what would you see, hear, feel and be thinking?

Sometimes, we have only vague ideas of what we want. Calling on different senses and thinking processes to describe the goal, gives it a more ‘real’ feel

  1. Do you run towards your goals or run away from them?

This lets us in on various points of self-sabotage. Are we in conflict with what’s important to us?

  1. What prevents you from getting where you want to be?

We’re lighting up more limiting beliefs, misaligned values, inner conflicts and some practical problems such as a lack.

  1. What are you most grateful for? (Allow yourself to empty out)

This question gives us a set of values – things that really are important unconsciously

  1. How do you re-charge your batteries best?

This question addresses one of the metaprogrammes, a set of preferences in the mind. Here, we’re finding out whether we’re an extrovert (preferring company to relax) or introvert (preferring to be alone) or an ambivert (somewhat in between). Are we relaxing in a way that the mind also finds restful?

  1. What keeps you awake at night?

This enables you to see what your obstacles are, where the negative emotions and fears lie.

  1. If you weren’t sitting here, answering these questions, what could you be doing to solve your problem?

This question sheds more light on your values – where are you prioritising? Is that a good priority hierarchy?

  1. If you did a great job, how would you know it?

Another metaprogramme filter that suggests whether we prefer the opinion of others, our own opinion; or we prefer others’ opinions, but check in with ourselves or we prefer our own point of view, but check in with others. Are we leaning too much on others’ opinions??

  1. How do you react to your partner’s/best friend’s problems?

A sneaky question! The answer is actually how we think of ourselves!!

  1. What does your unconscious mind want you to know, that you’ve not already mentioned?

This one gives you an idea of how tough or easy it is to allow yourself to pose a question and wait for the answer. It also gives an insight into whether you’re ready to explore the unconscious mind. Most problems are created there, so the solution is to work with this part of the mind. A block on working with the unconscious might need rooting out!

  1. Are you the CEO of your life?

This establishes whether you think you’re in control or at the mercy of others!


Questioning for your mindset improves your focus, concentration and gives you an appreciation of gaps in your mindset. Which question surprised you the most?

Which question left you confused?

Which question gave you a tough-love answer?

I’d love to know!


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