Protect your equestrian business against cancellations

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As an equestrian business delivering lessons, how can the business continue during uncertain times and lockdown? What about times when the weather is atrocious? Horse or rider have been through injuries and are working through rehab?


When lessons don’t run


Cancelled lessons are often unavoidable, yet lessons cancelled at short notice are the bane of riding instructors. Although summer time is usually a productive time for riding lessons and those earning a living from them, successive summers in the UK are turning out to be stormy and very wet. Good weather, even pleasant temperatures are never guaranteed. Spring weather in England this year was so hot, that the ground became like concrete. Equine phyiotherapists, body workers, vets, farriers, hoof trimmers and owners all commented on the number of cases of lameness ensuing from horses having a blast around their fields.


Coupled with this is the competition you may face strong from other equestrian businesses, riding centres and instructors. Riders may not necessarily show loyalty to their trainers!


Taken together, there are so many foreseen and unforeseen reasons for riding lessons to not go ahead. Have you struggled to fill your bookings?


What can be done to shield your business?


How, then as equestrian business owners, can equestrian coaches guard against their business not delivering a good salary? What precautions can be taken right now?


As a trainer of equestrian mindset and mental strength, my sessions are always unmounted. They can also be virtual. This removes a whole host of problems that riding instructors face. The horse isn’t present and the venue is immaterial! All the riding is done inside the riders’ minds.


Having this string to your bow, adding in the ability to help riders with their mental health, mindset, resilience and toughness is not only a very rewarding addition to your offerings, it can be a lucrative side line to what you currently do. There would be no need to stop coaching during lockdowns, bad weather or horse/rider injury! Your equestrian business would still run!



What is the Empowered Equestrian™ Coach training?


  • This is a face to face training in small groups so that everyone sees individual benefits and can learn from each other OR training via Zoom one to one to have a very tailored experience
  • You can schedule the 7-8 days of virtual training to fit in with your busy life: training on consecutive days or one day a week and any other permutation in between – super for those of you not wanting to travel to a training
  • You learn to get rid of all those things that hold you back, so that you start with a fresh, clean slate, which you can self-maintain and, if you’re looking to coach others, you can support others through the process too.
  • It’s actually 4 accredited certifications, all in one place. And that’s a unique equestrian training and people really do find that it starts here, it starts that process of cogs turning you into the rider you know you really can be
  • The 4 certificates are fully board accredited and internationally recognised as professional qualifications:


  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • Time Line Therapy® Coach
  • Modern Hypnosis Practitioner


  • Although the learning is intensive, it’s fun and practical too. All my trainings run of the power of laughter and learning
  • You’ll also have a day to explore how to set up and market your own Coaching business, with practical tips to set you on the right footing


What the Empowered Equestrian™ Coach training is not


  • For those die-to-be-right riders who don’t want to change
  • This course is not about heavy academic studies, it’s an intensive course, but it’s about learning practical techniques and making use of the ready-to-use scripts.
  • Yes, the techniques already scripted for you to make sure your language is spot on, so you learn the technique and how to make it elegant and efficient – quick for you and your clients, so you become that rider you know you can be


What’s unique about this training Empowered Equestrian™ Coach?


  • This training is quite exclusive and what do I mean by that? Well, it’s unique, it’s the only 4-certification Equestrian NLP Coach Practitioner course GLOBALLY, there are sports NLP courses, usually 1 certification, but sports NLP doesn’t necessarily take in our very special and unique quality as equestrians – we have the body and mind of our horses to think about too! And adding that 500 kg semi-wild beast into our sport makes a difference!
  • Making this for specialist equestrians is important; of course you can use the techniques for any sport, but I think that equine link is somewhat different to other sports and other psychological factors.
  • We also look at how to start your very own Empowered Equestrian™ business, right from scratch



Clearly, with those 4 certifications, you have a superbly comprehensive toolkit – just imagine it – for rider confidence, performance enhancement, removal of doubts and what if, for emotional balance and you’ll really be set on that course of being the rider and/or instructor you know you can be.



I’m with you from start to finish, to support you, whether you’ve decided this is for you as an individual or as a coach. I’m a board accredited Trainer and equestrian and I pride myself on having trainings full of laughter and learning and lots of light-bulb a-ha moments. I teach, train, coach and support all my graduates too via email, Facebook groups and our CPD sessions exclusively for Empowered Equestrian™ Practitioners.


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