NLP Master Coach Practitioner

Continue your profession and personal evolution! Becoming a Master in any area means that you have an advanced skills set and have accomplished a higher level of training. Our trainings continue to have an informal, fun touch, with plenty of light-bulb moments as you discover more about the unconscious mind and how to be truly excellent in any chosen field.

  • NEW!! Training takes place 1:30-5:15pm on Fridays – UK time
  • Complete the NLP Master Practitioner training or the 4-certification course
  • 4 certifications at Master level: NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy®️ and Modern Hypnosis
  • Take advantage of spreading the costs by paying in instalments (an ever-popular way to pay!)
  • Deliver your message consciously and unconsciously to make a strong argument for your ideas
  • Master the higher levels skills of changing strategies and beliefs to free yourself and others from unhelpful habits
  • Discover a new elegance of language, including the art of quantum linguistics; revisit Parts Integration using language alone and allow yourself to utilise the integration conversationally; recognise and use someone’s modal operator language to bring them to ’cause’ and even use temporal and spatial predicates to change a person’s thinking
  • Learn new Time Line Therapy®️ techniques to build a complete portfolio of change at the unconscious level
  • Elicit and utilise meta-programs, values and Values Levels, to understand the basis of personality and thought processes in yourself and others
  • Become masterful at Hypnosis, implying indirect and direct inductions and deep trance phenomena such as positive and negative hallucinations, amnesia, glove anaesthesia and catalepsy – including full body catalepsy – see photo! Know how to use Ericksonian, Elman, Estabrooks and Krasner hypnosis to expand your toolkit and further your skills in writing successful personalised hypnosis
  • Be adept at modelling excellence – test your abilities during the board break session. If you’d like to see how it’s done, watch the video as I smash though any and all limiting beliefs!
  • Learn how to lead a Breakthrough session, working with a client for 1-2days to remove whatever holds them back and instal  powerful new strategies – and learn how adding this to your business portfolio can expand your earnings!
  • Finally, remove all that holds you back, professionally and personally, to step into your own light and shine
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