Resolving mindset issues using NLP – equestrian NLP workshop

Join us on this fascinating course for equestrians and coaches

NLP – neurolinguistic programming – is one of the most exciting, easy to learn, yet advanced, mind technologies available. If you want to bolster your confidence, control your thinking to your own advantage or really connect with your clients on their journey to confident riding, this equestrain NLP workshop is just for you.

(If you are a BHS APC, you can claim 6 CPD accreditation points for this course )

Improving mental skills and mental preparations is paramount for riders; it’s equally as important as the physical aspects of riding. Riding without an effective mindset is hard and can whittle away any enjoyment. However, one of the great benefits of a mindset for success is that as your psychological approach improves, so too does your physicality. It’s the perfect win-win!

This interactive equestrian NLP workshop provides you with an introduction to the mind and enables you to know why:

  1. Riders know logically that they can do it, but feel blocked by fear or doubt
  2. Riders don’t suffer from nerves until they reach a trigger point and why that is such a strong driver
  3. Competent riders can’t shut off the nerves
  4. Riders have different perceptions of themselves and skew reality negatively

What is NLP all about?

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is a branch of psychology that lends itself to sports because the techniques are illuminating, quick and easy. Having a knowledge of the unconscious (subconscious) mind is incredibly empowering, as this is where our emotions, memories and habits are created and stored. Once we have the realisation that the unconscious does not operate in a logical manner, but rather on the basis of subtle images in our heads and our self-talk, then we can start to override the unhelpful thought patterns to create new, helpful ways of thinking and doing. Find out more about equestrian NLP here.

The workshop will cover:

  1. How the unconscious mind works and how this relates to riders
  2. How perceptions and patterns arise – and how to change ones that block riders’ success and enjoyment
  3. How to help riders get the best out of their minds using a variety of simple, fun techniques that will be practised on the day
  4. How to give the riders tips for in and out of the saddle

We’ll also discuss what not to do with nervous riders and the very common mistakes when talking to nervous riders that may inadvertently lock the rider into a fearful mindset.

Who is the course for?

This equestrian NLP workshop is aimed at all equestrians who would like an introduction to equestrian mindset and tools. It is specifically for coaches who also want to help their riders get the best out of themselves, enhancing confidence, performance and enjoyment. The course is open to BHS Accredited Professional Coaches and other equestrians.

No prior knowledge is necessary.

My trainings are always a combination of laughter and learning, there are plenty of a-ha moments and you take away practical skills to use whilst on or off the horse. We’ll have the opportunity to practise all the skills so that you master them.

Format of the day, pricing

The workshop is on Zoom, 10am – 4pm UK time. We will take an hour for lunch and breaks during the morning and afternoon sessions.

Next course: Thursday 5th September 2024

Early bird: before 5th August 2024 £60

From 6th August 2024: £75

If you would like to host this one-day workshop for you and your friends or colleagues, at your yard, venue or home, please get in touch. You can book a chat about your needs here.