Why would you want to be an NLP Ninja?

Posted on February 25, 2018 by Categories: News
  1. What is NLP?

It’s a set of quick and easy, powerful and effective mind techniques. It shows us how we currently think and how to change or tweak the way we think. Communication is at the heart of NLP. It teaches us great communication with others and with your own mind. For more information, see https://www.traceycolenlp.com/nlp/


  1. Isn’t it for business, more than sport, therapy or personal development?

NLP is used extensively in business – sales, negotiations, conflict resolution, presenting skills, recruitment and deployment of staff – however, it is invaluable to develop a calmly confident outlook in any part of our lives. It teaches us how to be the best we want to be!


  1. Isn’t it a pseudo-science?

Only if you consider psychology a pseudo-science! NLP isn’t original, in so much as it’s a collection of psychological ideas that work. It’s a distilled down version of aspects of cognitive and behavioural psychology and as such is recognized by the British Psychology Society. Where NLP diverges from traditional psychology is in perspective: NLP is a set of practical methods that work around how someone creates their issue or problem and psychology is interested in the why. In NLP, once we know the how, we can work on how to undo the issue or problem.


  1. Isn’t it manipulative?!

Of course, in the same hands that are manipulative nay way. And often, we’re sold on ideas and dreams without NLP! You’ll find that advertisers use aspects of NLP and so do politicians, great orators and people who buy and sell. Perhaps you use it yourself without knowing! Do you ever feel that you’ve known a stranger longer than a few minutes? Can you put people at ease, without really trying? Do you visualise events so that you feel more prepared? Have you ever rationalised someone else’s experiences, when they appear alien to you? Do you rely on your internal self-chatter or is it an annoyance at times? Do you consider the wider consequences of your actions? All of these are part of NLP!


  1. It might work for others, would it work for me?

In a word, yes! All you need is an open mind and a healthy scepticism is welcomed too! Perhaps you’d like to see some testimonials? https://www.traceycolenlp.com/testimonials/


  1. So an NLP training is all about teaching me the techniques that I can do with others?

No! This is a course you’ll remember for ever, you’ll make some wonderful friendships and learn far more about yourself. On the training you get 7 days of personal development therapy to get yourself on a more aligned track, as well as learning some powerful techniques. You’ll see and feel a huge change in yourself; this is important to show you how transformative NLP really is, as well as to give you the sense of freedom, motivation and well-being that will make you an excellent practitioner of NLP. You will be able to understand fully how to perform each intervention with confidence. The course is tailored to the interests and goals of the attendees, so we purposely keep numbers low to give you a very unique learning experience. All our courses are board accredited by the ABNLP https://www.abh-abnlp.com Our next training dates are here https://www.traceycolenlp.com/course-schedules/


  1. Can anyone become an NLP Ninja?

All you need is an open mind, a sense of fun and a willingness to learn more! It’s time of self-discovery, be prepared to have any boundaries firmly pushed back. If the time is right for you, then contact me for more information, it may well be time to get yourself motivated to be, do and have, what you want to be, do and have!


  1. Can’t I do all this stuff on my own?

Yes, of course, although it may take you a long time to find out where your blocks are and why they are preventing you from being how you want to be. NLP is known for its speed! Once you know your blocks, how will you get rid of them? Self-help books may only get you part way.


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