Goal Setting with a difference – the secret key to success

Posted on December 13, 2019 by Categories: News
How can we reconcile this? Even those who feel some positivity for 2020 may not be able to sustain their new year resolutions. Why is this and what can we do about it? ?
Earlier this week, I posted a Facebook Live all about my recent goal setting and how it works for me (and can therefore work easily and effectively for you). Scroll down to watch.
I had set the goal of having a bay gelding (yes, I even had the colour written down!!). I’d set a date – 28/2/20 ???
Now it seems I’ll get my goal by the end of the year in a totally unexpected way! Gobsmacked is what comes to mind!
You see, if you set resolutions, but loose the drive or energy to keep them going, it’s only because your unconscious mind was never let in on the goal. 
Curiously, your conscious mind is the goal SETTER and your unconscious mind is the goal GETTER. You can set as many goals as you like, but you will have to take on a lot of will power to get them! 
The unconscious needs clear instructions, here are my 5 top tips for success:
1. Give your goal a date – goals do need a little time, they’re not instantaneous. ?
2. Imagine you’re at that future date, you’ve got your goal. Write your goal in the present tense. 
3. Make sure you ALWAYS say what you want. Don’t say what you DON’T want. This is really important. Forget everything you don’t want!!! 
4. Take action. Make the first step easy and quick to do. something simple that sets you on your way. Congratulate yourself when you’ve done it. Then go onto stepping stone number 2. ?
5. When you write your goal, make it rich in sensory descriptions: what you see, hear, feel, and, if relevant, what you taste, smell or touch. ??????
There are ways to actually install this goal even more securely in your unconscious mind, this is something I love doing with clients and on workshops and trainings. Time and time again, the power of the mind is revealed!
Let me know your goal setting questions, challenges and celebrations in the comments below. ??
You can also book in for a goal setting session here
Oh and one last thing, goal setting isn’t just for Christmas…..or New Year…..it’s for all year round. Enjoy and have fun! ☃️☀️??
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