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Why would you want to sign up for a training like this?

Not only is it the fastest way to build high self esteem and unshakeable confidence, you learn advanced mind techniques to take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before. In your equestrianism and every other area of your life.


Equestrians don’t just ride horses! However, each unhelpful habit, negative emotion, unhappy past event is stored in your unconscious mind, taking up space, like having filing cabinets stuffed full of old, dusty files. Having these old files clogging up your mind takes up more than space, it requires energy to keep them stored. So when you know how to rid yourself of all this baggage, you move forward with energy and empowerment to take on whatever you want to do next. And this filters through to each and every aspect of your life, including your riding success.


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Modern Hypnosis provide simple and profoundly effective means of identifying issues and blocks that interfere with what you want to be, do and have. Once the issues and blocks are identified, we have a full toolkit to enable you to open doors in your personal, professional and sporting lives; doors that you normally see slammed in your face! Everyone finds the results astounding, and as a trainer, I love those light-bulb moments when students realise that what they want to do is within easy reach. Here’s what one graduate thought about the training:


“I didn’t really know what to expect from my NLP Practitioner course. My main aim was to improve my communication skills, to improve my career, but I Iearnt so much about myself it was an incredible experience. I would even say that it was life-changing! I was able to route out what was holding me back in my career, even though I’m highly successful on paper, I always felt that it was by luck than skill. Removing this limiting belief had very deep repercussions for me and I continue to see my confidence soar and the reassurance of being in control of my destiny.” M.B., graduate of 2016


What types of changes could you expect to see and feel?

  • Unshakeable confidence
  • Heightened self-esteem
  • Increased self belief and self-worth
  • Improved resilience
  • Removal of deep-seated negative emotions
  • Removal of blocks such as thinking you’re not good enough
  • Removal of doubts, negative what ifs, negative self-chatter
  • Deep feelings of mental freedom, removal of shackles and generation of inner happiness
  • Secure feeling of knowing and meeting your true potential
  • Enhanced performance in your sporting and professional lives
  • Improvements in all types of relationships
  • Improved communication skills
  • Impeccable and natural rapport with others
  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Greater flexibility in your thought patterns and actions
  • Reduced pressure to be perfect all the time


What types of other skills will you learn?


  • How to control your unconscious mind, so that it doesn’t control you!
  • How to coach yourself and others to a resourceful mental state
  • How to read verbal and non-verbal cues, including body language
  • How to help yourself and other riders improve their confidence and enhance their performance in lessons, trainings and competitions
  • How to improve your performance and motivation in your current career
  • How to start a new career or part-time career as an equestrian NLP Coach practitioner, working with riders to improve their performance
  • How to use your NLP Coach Practitioner certification to in business, therapy, education, coaching, sport
  • How to work with clients to help them change their lives
  • How to make conscious use of language to help others reach their goals
  • How to ‘sell’ a service, product or idea and to negotiate effectively
  • How to look upon the future as bright, with the mental resources to know it to be true and how to bring that future into reality!


What would I be qualified in?

  • Four internationally recognised professional certifications
    • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
    • NLP Coaching
    • Time Line Therapy® (Also known as Create Your Future®)
    • Modern Hypnosis


What do those certifications allow me to do?

Besides having the luxury of finding out and removing all your own issues and whatever is holding you back, you will be certified to have paying clients, to enable you to work with them to achieve their goals. You will have a comprehensive toolkit of methods and coaching formats to enable you be an excellent coach in equestrianism and/or the following:

  • Therapy and well-being
  • Business and careers
  • Sport
  • Personal development
  • Education
  • Performing arts


How is the training run?

This is an intensive NLP-Time Line Therapy® -Modern Hypnosis training. To ensure that you get the very best results, we have a pre-study element and then the face-to-face training. The pre-study comprises of video recordings to watch and listen to, so that you have a familiarity with the techniques and ideas. There is a learning quiz to fill out, so that you install the learning more easily! You will also receive the NLP manual as part of your pre-study, so that you have time to peruse the pages and use it along side the video recordings. We also send you a copy of the book ‘Time Line Therapy® made easy’ by Dr Adriana James. It’s an easy read and a good source of information, although we don’t expect you to have read it cover to cover! As a special bonus, if you haven’t joined our course, Confident to the Core for riders, you will also receive this as part of your pre-study. You also have my full support during the pre-study to answer any questions you may have.


The training itself takes place over 7 days in the peace and tranquility of the Staffordshire Moorlands. The venue is located in Ipstones Edge and is a perfect retreat for us to enjoy this spa for the mind! During the training, you will have ample time to practise techniques on other attendees and experience life-changing moments! We will go through the topics you have covered in the pre-study in a little more detail, but the face-to-face training is there to ensure that you graduate fully confident in all the techniques and have had practical experience of each one. The atmosphere is fun and informal and like no other learning experience you’ve had before – we work so that you learn unconsciously, as well as consciously!


I’m an accredited trainer of the 4 certifications, having trained with internationally renowned trainers and master trainers Christine Dawson in the UK and Drs Tad and Adriana James in the USA. Dr Tad James developed the first intensive NLP Practitioner training and also created Time Line Therapy®.


What if I want a more detailed breakdown of what I will learn?

Go to


What if I’d like a non-horsey partner to join me?

No problem, they can be certified as NLP Coach Practitioners (rather than Equestrian NLP Coach Practitioners) and you can receive a discount on your training, email me for more information


What if I can’t take 7 days out of my busy schedule?

You can complete the NLP section of the course and attend for the first 4 days (Saturday-Tuesday). You receive one professional certification – NLP Practitioner – and you can join us on future courses to gain the other 3 certifications.


We also have an online course for an Associate in NLP qualification, this will be available in Autumn 2017. You will be qualified to perform all the NLP techniques on yourself, but not on others. You can easily convert this training into a certified NLP Practitioner. Email for more details.


What if I don’t live near to Staffordshire?

There are many B&B, holiday cottage and hotel options available in and near to Leek, just let us know your requirements and we’ll recommend some locations.


What if I don’t even live in the UK?

No problem! NLP Coach Practitioner trainings are usually upwards of US$4500. I’ve made savings which I’m delighted to pass onto my students, without compromising the high quality of this course. So, booking a flight and accommodation together with the course means that you’ll still save money. Perhaps an opportunity to explore the Moorlands and Peak District nearby?!


What’s the investment?

For the 4 professional certifications and a life changing experience £1500, with early bird special of £1000 (until 21/9/17) including all pre-study materials and bonus Confident to the Core rider training videos.


For the single certification NLP Practitioner and all the aha-moments to change your thinking, £800, including all including all pre-study materials and bonus Confident to the Core rider training videos.


What if I want to pay in instalments?

That’s fine, just contact us for more information and payment plans.


I’m looking forward to hearing your questions and seeing you on this very special course! Email me at