Empowered Equestrian™ Coach

The Empowered Equestrian™️ Coach course is an exceptional training opportunity, the only training of its kind WORLDWIDE – 5 accredited certifications to enable you to approach any mindset issue and knowing you have the confidence and packed toolkit to deal with it.

This training is also available as a one to one or up to one to four training on Zoom if a group of friends would like to train together.

Empowered Equestrian™ Coach Training

All equestrians know that mental preparation is paramount to riding success. However, is that confident, successful mindset an elusive one for you?

How long have you been waiting to finally have an equestrian-specific course to help you go all out and build yourself up as a confident rider and be known as a certified Empowered Equestrian™ Coach? You can use this training for personal performance enhancement, or use it as a certified mindset coach, with an impressive set of tools at your disposal.

Maybe you’re a riding instructor, trainer or coach? How would it be to feel really valued for your skills? How would it feel to know exactly how to help riders win their mental game and be well paid for it? You, as an instructor, can streamline your current business and celebrate your success

  • You may have struggled to fill your bookings with clients during bad weather, rider/horse injuries; now you can work with clients whatever the weather or circumstances to deliver high quality mental preparation sessions, as well as training sessions
  • You may have had strong competition from other instructors in your area – until now. Now you can be the envy of those others, as you add very powerful strings to your exceptional bow
  • And, as an Empowered Equestrian™ Coach, you deserve to be well-paid for your expertise

You are only ever one decision away from changing – one decision away from new opportunities, a new career and a new, more empowered life. Take action by taking the first, easy step today. Call TODAY for a no obligation chat about how YOU can become an Empowered Equestrian™ Coach

Who is the Empowered Equestrian™ Coach training for?

  • This training is all about being the rider you know you can be and with CONFIDENCE, whenever and wherever. The training is for all riders, of all levels and disciplines with an interest in being mentally tough as a rider
  • It’s for current instructors, trainers and coaches who want to standout as an exceptional equestrian mind coach and help riders to overcome fears and doubts, as well as those wanting to coach to enhance performance and winning ways.

What if you’ve never done anything like this before?

Perfect! You’ll come with an open mind and ready to learn something new.

Almost all of our participants come without any prior knowledge. That’s what the Pre-study is for, to help you understand some of the themes and concepts

  • Even if you don’t know anything about NLP or psychology or about the unconscious mind, you can start right here, right now and learn in a very easy way, learn the techniques to really BE THE RIDER YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE. And then inspire others to be the same.
  • The proven concepts and techniques you learn have been selected for their ability to deliver change in a FAST, EASY and FUN manner. They are the psychological METHODS OF CHOICE for busy, 21st century equestrians.
  • NLP is actually a collection of the very best concepts and psychological techniques, hand-picked from traditional psychology, behavioural and cognitive sciences
  • Coupled with Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, this package includes some of the most advanced mind techniques available; they are nevertheless easy to learn and implement!

What is the Empowered Equestrian™ Coach training?

  • This is a online live training in small groups so that everyone sees individual benefits and can learn from each other – recordings will be available, so you can watch on catch-up
  • You learn to get rid of all those things that hold you back, so that you start with a fresh, clean slate, which you can self-maintain and, if you’re looking to coach others, you can support others through the process too.
  • It’s actually 5 accredited certifications, all in one place. And that’s a unique equestrian training and people really do find that it starts here, it starts that process of cogs turning you into the rider you know you really can be
  • The 5 certificates are fully board accredited and internationally recognised as professional qualifications:
  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • Time Line Therapy® Coach
  • Modern Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Transformation Coach™️
  • Although the learning is intensive, it’s fun and practical too. All my trainings run of the power of laughter and learning
  • Unlike other trainings, you complete 5 case studies and continue to refresh your skills on CPD throughout the year

What the Empowered Equestrian™ Coach training is not

  • For those die-to-be-right riders who don’t want to change
  • This course is not about heavy academic studies, it’s an intensive course, but it’s about learning practical techniques and making use of the ready-to-use scripts.
  • Yes, the techniques already scripted for you to make sure your language is spot on, so you learn the technique and how to make it elegant and efficient – quick for you and your clients, so you become that rider you know you can be

What’s unique about this training Empowered Equestrian™ Coach?

  • This training is quite exclusive and what do I mean by that? Well, it’s unique, it’s the only 4-certification Equestrian NLP Coach Practitioner course GLOBALLY, there are sports NLP courses, usually 1 certification, but sports NLP doesn’t necessarily take in our very special and unique quality as equestrians – we have the body and mind of our horses to think about too! And adding that 500 kg semi-wild beast into our sport makes a difference!
  • Making this for specialist equestrians is important; of course you can use the techniques for any sport, but I think that equine link is somewhat different to other sports and other psychological factors.
  • We also look at how to start your very own Empowered Equestrian™ business, right from scratch or add Empowered Equestrian™ Coach to your current equestrian business portfolio.

How is the training run?

There are some things to consider about this training: you’ll be learning some fabulous and powerful techniques, you’ll feel enthused about your own way forward as a rider or highly-trained instructor, being able to really ride the way you know you can, and as a coach – part-time or who knows, full-time as a new career? And you’ll have my full support, like I’m holding your hand throughout the trainings

All my trainings are done in small groups, to individualise your learning. The maximum number of participants is 6.

You can start right after the training with your first clients. Even have a guinea pig friend (or use on yourself!) through the Pre-study time and see how fabulous and rewarding NLP really is. So, just take a moment to imagine, how that would feel, starting right away

And whilst I mentioned it, let’s talk about that pre-study, what that entails. So to be the rider or highly sought-after instructor you know you really can be, you can get ahead by spending some time on the pre-study. You get your manual, a set of 9 videos and you are led through some NLP concepts and you can feel that this is totally do-able, you have a learning quiz to complete to keep you on track. And I’m here for you if you need any help whatsoever. Now you also get, as an added bonus, my rider confidence webinar series, Confident to the Core and that’s a little freebie that you might like

The 5 certificates –they’re the all-in-one comprehensive set of certifications that really enable you to win the mental game; aspects of each modality are used by professionals to up their game too

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Transformation Coach™️

The training is now taking place on Zoom. The training runs every Monday afternoon 1.30-5.15pm UK time. Email me for the next start dates or see Course schedules & prices

Clearly, with those 5 certifications, you have a superbly comprehensive toolkit – just imagine it – for rider confidence, performance enhancement, removal of doubts and what if, for emotional balance and you’ll really be set on that course of being the rider and/or instructor you know you can be.

I’m with you from start to finish, to support you, whether you’ve decided this is for you as an individual or as a coach. I’m a board accredited Trainer and equestrian and I pride myself on having trainings full of laughter and learning and lots of light-bulb a-ha moments. I teach, train, coach and support all my graduates too via email, Facebook groups and our CPD sessions exclusively for Empowered Equestrian™ Practitioners.

You’ll also have your free listing on my registered Practitioners webpage, with all your contact details and biography to help equestrians find you (your listing will always be free, as long as you keep up to date with your CPD). There will also be exclusive opportunity to purchase my The Business of Mindset course at 50% discount.

For training dates and prices click here

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To have a chat about your next steps, whether this training is for you and how to get started, book a complimentary strategy call

You can see me listed on various association/board websites: my trainings are accredited by the ABNLP (American Board of NLP), the ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy), the TLTA®️(Time Line Therapy®️ Association), the NLPEA (NLP Excellence Assured) and approved by the IHA (International Hypnosis Association)