Combinatorial coaching: a client’s experiences

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I’d decided to have some kind of coaching or therapy to overcome a series of circumstances that were overpowering me. My mind felt shot-at. I felt as though I was punch-drunk and that every time I tried to get up from one thing, another was on its heels.


I wasn’t sure what type of coaching/therapy to go for. A friend told me about Time Line Therapy® and I found Tracey by Googling for practitioners. We had a preliminary chat and I felt as though we struck it off right away. She asked me a list of questions to get to the heart of my problems. I began to feel better, having told her things I’d never told anyone else. It was very liberating. Her approach put me at ease and I knew from the way she explained about the different therapies and techniques that she uses that she’d be able to help me. We chatted about a whole day breakthrough session, as well as combinatorial coaching.


I decided I wanted to take things gradually and the combinatorial coaching sounded just right for me.


I booked in for 6 combinatorial coaching sessions and I can’t say how excited and nervous I was for the first session. Tracey gave me step-by-step instructions to start the Time Line Therapy® part of the coaching. It was actually not what I’d expected. It wasn’t about examining old memories, in fact, we avoided memories, so I felt that my problems had already disassociated from me a little.


By the end, we’d been up and down my time line so much I was literally flying. It was incredible to think that by using an imaginary time line inside my head and listening to my unconscious mind give me the advice I needed to hear, that I’d be able to actually start to let go of some emotions that still had a big influence on the way I was living. My feelings of being crushed under the emotions and not being able to free myself was gone; we didn’t clear all the negative emotions on the first session, but we did clear a significant amount and it left me wanting more.


A fractal pattern to represent the pieces that go together in an nlp breakthroughTracey explained how to maintain the new mindset: she gave me an mp3 recording for me to listen to, a beautiful visualization made just for me and also set me some tasks, such as writing a journal, which she structured for me, so I knew what kinds of things to write. I also had a little time line to practise, which I did daily.


I noticed small things in myself that were changing. I’d had some structural work done on my house, but the builder didn’t do a good finish. This would have normally sent me spiraling into darkness, instead I calmly suggested the company put everything right. Work was somehow easier too – I felt less pressured to try to race through the workload. I was thinking more evenly and considering my own welfare and well-being.


In session 2, we cleared the remaining negative emotions and turned to limiting beliefs. I had plenty of those. An abusive relationship and cultural restraints in childhood had held me back for long enough. As we gently released these ways of thinking, I did shed a few tears, but they were tears of relief and tears for the time I’d wasted thinking I wasn’t good enough and that I should think and be ‘small’.


In session 3, Tracey guided me through some re-balancing of the conflicts that have plagued me for ever. She explained that having that constant conflict inside my head was using up a lot of energy and part of the reason I was often tired.


The technique was called Parts Integration and we brought the two sides of my conflicting ideas together, to merge and work together. It appeared to me like a sort of yin working with yang. That night I slept for a full 9 hours, I’ve not done that since childhood! I woke up lighter and more refreshed than ever before.

A fractal pattern to represent the pieces that go together in an nlp breakthrough

I was beginning to find ever more differences in my thinking by this time. I could approach daily life and my riding with more certainty that whatever happened, I’d be fine with it. My teenage children noticed that I was so much more chilled too. Life was the same, but it felt easier and it felt as though I’d spent enough time lingering in the past, this was a time for me.


Session 4 was all about the energy signature I had. This was working at an even deeper level and meant that we used visualization and journaling much more. The visualization started to activate the past thoughts, beliefs and values that I was living by and give me an aspirational set of thoughts, beliefs and values. The journaling was quite specific and Tracey sent me a series of prompts to use to integrate new thoughts, beliefs and values. I wasn’t sure how this would work. Until now, Tracey led the session and I followed instructions. Now, it was more on me to complete the work.


I have to say, in spite of my apprehension, this was the work that helped me to seal in how I wanted to be and act and how to get there. It made me see the possibility, gave me strong self-belief and encouraged me to go for it.  I followed Tracey’s directions and people, situations and ideas would pop into my head. I journaled on them and resolved those things that came up. It was startling to me how much my mind was getting into gear.


This combinatorial coaching was powerful stuff and I loved it!


Session 5 was where we worked on the masculine and feminine sides of my character and the distortions that occur. As with session 4, I was blown away. I came out of that session with so many light-bulb moments. Everything was starting to make sense and reveal itself to me.


 One of the most profound learnings was that my negative emotions, the obstacles in life, the hurdles I dreaded, were not as I imagined them. These were part of my journey and meant to be. It sounds facile, but I could see them just like that now. The obstacles were signposts for me, not tests, but signs of being either on the right or wrong track. It was also interesting to find out that our minds deselect people, things, places during this process and that even breakages are a deselection of things – all pointing to me getting closer and closer to who I wanted to be.


My car broke down during this time. I do need a car, I’m the official cab driver for the children, I need to get to work, and I need to go to the stores. I can’t do any of these easily without a car! So, when my car broke down, knowing it was a deselection really helped me. A fractal pattern to represent the pieces that go together in an nlp breakthrough


The car was too old to be fixed economically, so I traded it in for parts and bought a new car. Whilst at the garage I bumped into an old school friend and he and I had a good laugh about our teenage years. This led to a couple of dates! Although nothing romantic came out it, it was lovely to know that romance is possible!  I definitely learnt to see all experiences as either good or a learning/opportunity.


My last session was again, totally mind-blowing. We worked on my attitude towards relationships. I’m a very guarded person, no matter the kind of relationship. I don’t give of myself too freely. This session showed me the role I play in my relationships and how to move towards being more composed and secure. We used a technique called Perceptual Positions to consolidate the changes, this was a lot of fun and a technique I’ll use often.


By the end of the coaching, I had a set of techniques, journaling prompts, mp3 recordings and concepts that I can use over and over. I’m looking ahead now to taking another 6-session block of combinatorial coaching, because I know there’s more to explore. Thank-you Tracey from the bottom of my heart, combinatorial coaching has set me free.


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