7 Reasons why hypnosis would work for YOU!

Posted on January 9, 2017 by Categories: News
  1. YOU are in control at all times. Forget the stage show silliness you’ve seen, everyone who is hypnotised has full control of their actions at all times. A hypnotherapist could ask YOU to give them £1,000,000 and YOU would have the exact same control of YOUr thoughts and ideas, as if YOU weren’t hypnotised.
  1. YOU are not asleep! Sleep and hypnosis are two different tupes of activity in the brain. Whilst hypnotised, YOU are incredibly alert and able to think more clearly; the chatter that goes on in your head actually stops, YOU have space to become very aware of your inner self.
  1. YOU can choose how deep into hypnosis YOU go. All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis, so no, nobody can hypnotise YOU but yourself. If YOU don’t want to be hypnostised, YOU won’t be. Don’t expect to feel that you’re in a deep sleep, YOU probably won’t feel like this until YOU want to. Remember you’re in control and the results are your
  1. YOU can’t get stuck in a trance. YOU are in control, YOU can come out of hypnosis at any time YOU want to. YOU also control how deep a trance state you want. Nobody can force you into a trance or make you stay there, that’s impossible.
  1. Don’t expect to feel hypnotised! YOU will enter a state rather like a daydream or the feeling we have when engrossed in a good film. This delightfully natural feeling of total relaxation can be used as a tonic or treat to allow yourself time away from your busy everyday life, giving yourself time for you mind and body to restore themselves.
  1. Alternatively, hypnosis is right for YOU if you want to use it therapeutically to open the door to focussing on what you want, giving you light bulb moments and the positive expectation of reaching your goals.
  1. Using hypnosis improves your self-management and self care. Easily. And everyone can do it, including YOU!